Days after vaccine pusher ZDoggMD made fun of autistic children*, he continues his rampage of ridiculousness by mocking a heartbroken father who lost his healthy daughter to vaccines.

Zara Shiel was born perfectly healthy and was developing perfectly – that is, until her one-year routine vaccinations.

Hours later, Zara was dead.

Matt Shiel (Zara’s father) went to visit ZDoggMD’s studio during the doctor’s interview with vaccine-profiting millionaire Paul Offit.

ZDogg claims to welcome visitors to his studio anytime, yet he ignores and mocks Zara’s father.

How could anyone be so cold-hearted as to ridicule a parent who lost his child to vaccines?

All pharmaceutical products carry the real risk of adverse reactions; vaccines are no exception. Vaccines carry the risk of death-no laughing matter.

ZDogg should be ashamed. In fact, every doctor should be ashamed at his behavior. What a poor way to represent the profession.

More than 23,000 healthy babies die in the U.S. before they turn one year old — more than in any other country in the developed world. Incredibly, babies born in America are given 35 vaccines by age one-again, more than any other country.


Read Zara’s tragic story here:

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