A comprehensive protection from dangerous diseases? Vaccinations are
classed as the best protection that modern medicine has to offer. But there
is increasing proof and indications that show that the dangers from which
the vaccinations are supposed to protect us from, are totally disproportionate
to the vaccines side effects.

This is particularly noticeable in children. In Germany for example, the
number of vaccine doses within the first year of life has risen from 6 to 34
since 1976! Parallel to this, the number of chronic illnesses in children
exploded. Amongst those are: rheumatism and cancer, but mainly allergies,
susceptibility to infections and behavior manifestations such as AD(H)D.
The cause of this is the additional substances in vaccines, mainly aluminium
compounds. In proportion to body weight, the vaccines for babies
contain 23 times as much aluminium as a vaccine for adults!

“we Don’t Vaccinate” is a sensitive, expressive and discerning documentary. Rivetingly factual, it stays solely on the vaccine track tackling the contemporary vaccine issue like no other film before it. It deserves a widespread worldwide audience.“

Eileen Dannemann, Director, National Coalition of Organized Women

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