What’s really behind the push for mandatory vaccinations? A tell-all video from ex-pharmaceutical insider Brandy Vaughan

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Learn The Risk founder and ex-pharmaceutical rep Brandy Vaughan joins the Alex Jones show to discuss what’s really behind the push for mandatory vaccinations. The pharmaceutical industry makes BILLIONS off of mandatory childhood vaccinations, and now both boys and girls will be pressured to take the
highly controversial Gardasil shot.
This must-watch video should be shared widely, especially for anyone considering the HPV vaccine.

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  • Miss

    Good video. Im finding it next to impossible to convince my other half of all this. He wouldn’t watch this, as he’ll just say the lady is a salesperson, and part of the propaganda to attack a perfectly respectable industry. I can’t win

    • Carolyn

      Totally brainwashed by the system. Cognitive Dissonance prevents him from at least exploring another side to the story.

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