But why all the outrage if there’s nothing to HIDE?

There is a new billboard in Perth, Australia that asks a simple question:
“Do you know what’s in a VACCINE?”

And then lists LearnTheRisk.org

But doctors, and even the Australian government, want to pull it down…

If vaccine ingredients are so safe, then why are they so scared of a simple question?

Maybe because they have a lot money to lose if people start asking questions and doing research? The vaccine industry is worth $60 BILLION a year and growing.

So we can ask questions about tainted formula, BPA in children’s toys, about defective car seats…but not about what’s being injected into our children? ?

Why all the outrage and aggression if there’s nothing to hide?

The media reports were very biased and one-sided pushing the pharmaceutical agenda to sell vaccines at any cost…to our collective health.


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So what really is in a vaccine? Info here: www.learntherisk.org/ingredients

They say we are anti-science, but the science is clear: vaccines do health damage. Here are over a thousand published studies proving it: www.learntherisk.org/studies

And did diseases decline before vaccines? Important information here: www.learntherisk.org/diseases

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