Former “vaccine bully” pediatrician no longer vaccinates his own children…

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Dr. Bob Zajac is a self-proclaimed former “vaccine bully.” As a board-certified pediatrician, with additional expertise  developmental/behavioral pediatric care, Dr Zajac admits that he used to bully parents in his practice into vaccinating. But his attitude changed when he had to start making decisions about vaccines for his own children.

Dr. Zajac explains how medical doctors do NOT receive a lot of training in vaccines, so he spent years researching vaccines after seeing some of his patients get injured as a result of vaccinations.

He also explains that in his own clinical practice, the rates of vaccine reactions, including severe reactions and autoimmune issues, were much higher than what the CDC and drug companies were claiming. The reaction rate was far higher than “one in a million,”  and Dr Zajac estimates that one out of every 100 children were being hospitalized from vaccine reactions and side effects.

Dr. Zajac describes a separation among his patients. Those who were seeing the local chiropractor were healthier than other patients, these patients were also doing some other things for their health other than just taking medication as many other patients did. In addition to this, these parents had a lower vaccine uptake, and they were healthy!

“The moment I started reading research about vaccines, it changed my life forever,” explains Dr Zajac.

Why his view on vaccines changed…

In 2008, Dr. Zajac had a patient in his practice develop autism. With his background  in child development and experience working with kids with special needs, Dr Zajac was confident that he had a perfectly normal child in his practice until the boy received the CDC-recommended 12-month vaccines. This was not a child born with autism.

“When I walked into the room at the 17-month visit, I literally saw a child I had never met before. I thought I had walked into the wrong room. I stepped out to make sure I was in the right room. I did not recognize this child. He had regressed into autism, one the saddest cases I have ever seen.”

After this he started reading about vaccines. A second heartbreaking event a few years later inspired even more research.

“A few years later we had a patient die after his shots – they called it a SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) death, at 2 in the afternoon, a few hours after his vaccines,” Dr Zajac bravely admits.

No further inquiry or investigation followed. Another life needlessly ended.

There are only a handful of doctors in this country who actually do proper research on vaccines — going outside of what they are told by the vaccine makers focused on selling their products.

Dr. Zajac also shares that, in his professional experience, vaccinated kids are the sickest, the partially vaccinated kids are not as sick as fully vaccinated — and the unvaccinated kids are by far the healthiest.

Please watch his interview and share widely. People deserve to know the reality of the childhood vaccine program.

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  • Jan Whisler

    I’m afraid I lost my comment so here it is again. I’d like to share the site on email but don’t see that option. I saw you interviewed by Brannon Howse on Sunday night recently. Immediately I knew who I wanted to share this information with – my daughter is one of them.

  • Diana

    If I could like this video a million times, I would! Thank you Dr. Zajac and all the true, honest, and compassionate doctors/nurses/ researchers for this information! As a mother of four , I have come across many doctors that would pressure you to vaccinate. I have heard so many stories about parents being pressured and given no choice in fear of being reported to social services. It’s because of these true honest doctors that we mothers have the courage to stand up for our rights and what we believe is the best for our children! Thank you! May God bless you and your family significantly for sharing the honest truth and raising the awareness to so many uninformed parents!

  • Frank

    Much appreciation to Dr. Zajac for trusting his own observations and having the courage to do the right thing in the face of a powerful cartel. The tide WILL turn when enough doctors stand up in unison against the travesty of forced vaccination. All doctors who are acknowledge the problems need to network and make a big, public stand in unison.

    • Frank

      “who acknowledge the problems”, please excuse the editing glitch. I think I was going to type “who are aware of”, and changed course.

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