Dr Daniel Neides: How safe really are vaccines? & why they should never been mandated

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ARE VACCINES 100% SAFE? Former Cleveland Clinic Medical Director Dr. Neides bravely questions the typical narrative

This is a must-watch video of Dr. Dan Neides, former Medical Director and Chief Operating Officer of the Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute, bravely explains how he realized vaccines are not as safe as they say and why vaccines should never been mandated.

The pharmaceutical industry would like you to think all doctors think vaccine are safe and effective, but there are many that know this is not the true reality. Most will not come forward and risk their careers, but there are some that do, courageously fighting for the health of their patients.

Huge gratitude for every single doctor that bravely steps forward and risks their career to expose the truth about vaccines and the health damage they can cause, including Dr. Neides.

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