Brandy Vaughan, former pharma insider exposes the industry’s hidden agenda and discusses why she founded Learn The Risk

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A MUST-WATCH video from former pharmaceutical insider Brandy Vaughan as she exposes the industry’s hidden agenda to keep us all sick…and why she founded the non-profit Learn The Risk.

When Brandy Vaughan worked for pharmaceutical giant Merck, she realized we’re not given the information we need to make educated choices about pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines.

“So much information is hidden from the public as the industry continually puts profits BEFORE people’s health,” she explains.

On a mission to create a healthier world, Brandy decided to change this by founding a non-profit called Learn The Risk. The organization educates on the real dangers of vaccines and other pharmaceuticals via a fact-based, science-driven website and a successful media campaign.

Giving people important information that doctors should give you, but don’t…

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  • Lafeare Ward

    Yes, good day! I am a diabetic of 24 years and I’m on the scope to end my condition…heard of a cure for diabetes many times, even one u was informed on FB that Halle Berry cured herself, she was the same as I, With Blood Boost, and is free! But I’m more so interested in the vaccine portraying as a safety but knowing that they are damaging and Bill Gates has made appearances speaking on how to decrease population with the right amount of vaccines and health care services to decrease in percentages of about 15-20%?? Does not sound good and we as people are on the verge now with our rights, HR6666, Microsoft patented chips, etc…..too much! Glad for your strides and outreach!

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