This should NEVER happen! Yes, be mad at the school who mistakenly let him eat a cheese sandwich…but be MORE ANGRY with the high-paid executives of the pharmaceutical companies who knowingly gave him that allergy in the first place with allergy-inducing vaccines.

Why does nobody ask why this poor child had the allergy in the first place? Vaccines! We wouldn’t have stories like this if people would stop injecting known toxins into our children that cause this massive explosion of allergies in the first place — particularly dairy allergies due to the bovine serum (cow plasma) used in vaccines.

Eating daily products can create an autoimmune reaction to the ingredients in the injection, and further exposures to dairy, like this poor boy who ate the sandwich had, can trigger anaphylactic shock, even death. His allergy probably got worse after each round of shots, and yet his parents believed the doctor when he said he had no idea where it came from.

Be mad at the school, definitely, but be even MORE mad at the pharmaceutical companies for pushing vaccines that create health issues like this, while calling the vaccines “safe” and laughing all the way to the bank.

Our children are the ones who suffer the consequences of the vaccine manufacturers’ greed.

Our children deserve better!

Good science linking vaccines to allergies can be found here:

Read the article about the toddler here:

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