• Saba Button was perfectly healthy until she received a flu shot
  • She suffered brain damage from prolonged seizures triggered by the shot
  • Her reaction prompted the Australian government to ban the flu shot in children under five
  • Is this happening in the U.S. with the “mysterious illness” causing paralysis?

Saba Button was once a beautiful, thriving 11-month-old. She had taken her first few steps, spoken her first few words and was completely healthy.

But on a Monday afternoon in April 2010, everything changed. Saba received the flu shot after her parents were urged by the West Australian Health Department, which was even offering free vaccines to all children.

Saba suffered a terrifying adverse reaction to the flu shot.

That night, Mick, Saba’s father, gave Saba her bottle and tucked her into bed at 7:00. An hour later, he heard faint moaning over the baby monitor and rushed in to check on her. Mick noticed Saba was “burning hot, and limp like a rag doll,” according to the 2011 article by The Australian 

They called the ambulance and rushed Saba to the hospital. Diarrhea seeped from Saba’s nappy in the ambulance and “she was lying very still, moaning and groaning.” Saba’s parents panicked as they listened to the heart-rate monitor; Saba’s heart rate was racing at 238 beats per minute — double the usual rate.

As they arrived at the hospital, nurses and doctors were waiting outside for Saba. Kirsten, Saba’s mother remembers hearing one of them remark, “It’s another Fluvax baby,” she told The Australian.

The following day, Saba’s parents were told to bring the entire family into the hospital. Saba’s vital organs had shut down. They were told she might not make it.

“The happiness of our family has been destroyed,” says Saba’s mother.

Saba suffered brain damage from prolonged seizures, triggered by the flu shot. She was paralyzed and can no longer eat, no longer walk and no longer talk.

No warning was given after past evidence of adverse reactions

The most heartbreaking detail is the fact this could have been prevented. The Health Department KNEW that there had been some terrible adverse reactions to the flu vaccine, particularly in children, but didn’t issue a warning. The flu program continued for two more days. Parents continued to vaccinate their children, unaware of the permanent damage it had caused to Saba and dozens of other children.

Fluvax is now banned for children under the age of five in Australia after hundreds of children suffered from adverse reactions in 2010, according to the ABC NEWS article published in 2014 on Saba Button.


Is this what’s currently happening in the U.S. with the “mysterious illness” causing dozens of children to be paralyzed? Are pharmaceutical companies playing Russian Roulette with our children’s lives?

Click here to find out what’s happening to children in the U.S.

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