Today is the anniversary of the death of little 15-month-old Ryan Johnson of New Hampshire, just hours after receiving his 15-month vaccines.

Ryan was a happy, healthy 15-month-old boy. He started walking at 13-months-old and was developing perfectly. He was very playful, engaging and was simply enjoying his life.

Until his life turned upside-down.

On Friday, October 28th, 2011, Ryan received his routine vaccinations –

  • DTaP
  • Influenza
  • HIB
  • Pneumococcal

According to Ryan’s mother, Amy, little Ryan experienced a low-grade fever immediately after the vaccine and his injection site was quite tender and inflamed.

“Ryan stopped engaging in his toys and wasn’t his usual active self. He was more, subdued,” explains Ryan’s father Tom.

Twenty-four hours later, he was still very lethargic and was no longer actively engaging with anything or anyone, including his family. He slept much longer than usual. His mother was concerned, but the doctor told her it was a normal reaction. Unfortunately, there are no “normal” reactions to vaccines.

The day after, his mother Amy took Ryan to daycare — thinking it was going to be like any other day.

However, around midday, while at work, Amy received a call no mother should ever receive. Ryan had passed away while napping at daycare.

“The pain never goes away. My heart is forever broken,” says Amy Johnson.

Just 66 hours after receiving his routine vaccinations, Ryan was gone.

Today, we remember another beautiful soul taken away too early by these killer injections.

To read Ryan’s obituary, click here.

Click here to read independent, published science highlighting the REAL risks of vaccines, including sudden death.

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