A perfectly healthy baby until the MMR vaccine

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Gabriel was born in the summer of 2006.

Erin Barker (Gabriel’s mother) explained how his doctor was even impressed at how he exceeded his milestones, as Gabriel was doing things his own daughter wasn’t doing yet who was several months older. They started teaching him baby sign language, but stopped around 12 months because his verbal skills were excelling so quickly.

When they took him in for his 12 month well baby checkup their whole world changed.

“We didn’t know then that we were about to make the biggest mistake of our lives. After receiving his MMR vaccine in the muscle of his leg (I later learned that MMR is to be given subcutaneously, not intramuscularly), the injection site became inflamed and red, and tender to the touch for several weeks. Gabriel was irritable like never before. He seemed agitated and cranky much of the time, wanting to be held constantly.”

About two weeks Gabriel got a fever and began to scream high-pitched and unrelenting. His mother called the doctor’s office concerned because there was no controlling the fever. She was told to alternate Tylenol and Ibuprofen every 4 hours, and that he would be fine. They did as we were told, putting cool rags on his head and body, Gabriel’s dad even put himself in an ice bath and then held the baby next to his cold skin. Still the fever would not go below 102 and continued to spike above 104. His mother called the doctor’s office every day for four days.

‘It was only by chance that I skimmed the vaccine reaction information we were handed on our way out the door at Gabriel’s appointment. I read the page on MMR. Serious reactions to this vaccine occur 1-3 weeks after it is administered, and include high fever, high-pitched screaming, BRAIN DAMAGE?!”

MMR vaccine triggers autism

Read his mothers story below:


I got online and looked up “serious reaction to MMR.” What came up was account after account of what was happening to Gabriel. Many of them ended up regressing into autism. I remember thinking to myself, “That couldn’t possibly happen to Gabriel. He is so advanced. No, not my son.”

I bypassed the know-it-all nurse who told me not to worry and took him straight in to the doctor. He was seen right away, and he confirmed that Gabriel was having a severe reaction to MMR. He said the high-pitched screaming was most likely due to brain swelling linked to the vaccine reaction. At that point his fever was coming down, and his screaming was less frequent, so he sent us home. He asked his nurse to pull up the VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System) papers to file a report with the Health Department.

It appeared at first that the ordeal had left Gabriel exhausted. He didn’t seem himself. He was talking less. He wasn’t interested in any of his toys. He would stare at a ceiling fan for hours. He would wake up several times a night screaming, and when we would attempt to console him he would scream harder. Something was happening, but when we brought up our concerns at his 18 month appointment, we were told that some babies just advanced differently and we really shouldn’t be concerned. He was given his next round of shots.

By the time he was two he wasn’t talking at all. Our concerns were again dismissed by his pediatrician. My gut told me to skip the shots this time and we did. We hoped the doctor was right and Gabriel was just going to catch up later, but insisted on a second opinion. He referred us to Early Intervention where he was evaluated for speech delay, and worked weekly with a speech therapist and other specialists.

The screaming at night continued every night, several times a night. None of us ever felt well rested, and it became more and more apparent that Gabriel was not catching up with his peers. His behavior continued to become stranger. He wouldn’t play with us, but would line things up or spin in circles. He still didn’t talk.

We took him to a new pediatrician. When she walked in he was lying on the floor rubbing his head against it. We voiced our concerns, and she told us he was an obvious case of autism. She immediately ordered tests for mitochondrial disorder, heavy metal toxicity, and others, and referred us to the appropriate doctors for a diagnosis.

Severely autistic

He not only tested autistic, but very autistic. I remember being glad we had a diagnosis, but finally feeling the reality of it hit me at the same time. The prediction made two years back when I researched MMR vaccine reactions and saw so many lead to autism came true. It did happen, to my advanced, perfect little boy. When I was told to apply for his Social Security is when I realized this was for life. It hit me like a ton of bricks.

He was three before he finally got his diagnosis of autism. We were told it couldn’t have anything to do with his vaccine reaction.

He turned nine this summer. He can say a few words, usually to express a want or need. He requires constant supervision, and is on a special program at school where he only goes an hour a day because he is too “low functioning” for our district’s autism program. Life is really hard, for us, but especially for him. His world and ours are still just barely overlapping. Special diets, therapies, interventions all help, but we still have a long, bumpy road ahead of us.

Since my son’s vaccine reaction, I have read everything I can on vaccine safety, efficacy, and the diseases they are designed to prevent. Here is a small compilation of the more important facts I have discovered that have reinforced my decision to no longer vaccinate my children. We tend to fear what we don’t know, so first a little about the diseases we are so afraid of.


The disease most parents bring up first is polio. The truth about Polio. 95% of all cases of polio produce no symptoms at all. Of the 5% that do show symptoms, most will suffer no more than a mild summer flu. Less than 1% of 1% will go on to develop a rare complication to the disease known as paralytic polio, the poster children we are all familiar with. The last natural case of paralytic polio in the US was in 1979. All cases since then have been from the live virus vaccine. The “eradication” of Polio coincidentally overlapped the banning of neurotoxic DDT, and a change in diagnostic criteria for Polio that changed the paralysis requirement from 24 hours to 60 days.

Likewise, where death from measles in the US is unlikely, there have been dozens of reported deaths and hundreds of adverse events reported against the vaccine. My mother’s generation told stories of everyone on their block getting measles, mumps, whooping cough, rubella, chickenpox. In those days everyone got them, and no one really feared these diseases until the childhood vaccine program was introduced. My generation all had the chicken pox. A week off of school, oatmeal baths and lifelong immunity.

Natural immunity

We also pass naturally acquired immunity to our unborn babies in utero, and continue to immunize them naturally with our breast milk. Not so in vaccinated mothers.

In fact, the vaccine program has essentially shifted the targeted age of many of these diseases from school age children, where we see the least number of complications, to infants and adults. In the case of pertussis, babies are most vulnerable to complications from the disease during the first two months of life. Since we do not give the first vaccine until two months of age, and vaccinated mothers do not pass maternal immunity, we have essentially created a window of vulnerability in our newborn infant population. So where my generation was protected by maternal antibodies from pertussis during the first few months of life, this generation is seeing the disease kill babies. Furthermore, as childhood vaccines wear off, we will likely see diseases like mumps and chickenpox that are relatively mild in childhood resurface in our adult population where the diseases can be serious or even life-threatening, such as with shingles.

While many tout the necessity of vaccines for saving us from disease, statistics show all infectious disease, including those we vaccine against, had already declined by 98% before the introduction of vaccines. The truth is, decline of the infectious disease era can be attributed mainly to changes in hygiene, sanitation, clean water, and nutrition. Think about it. What vaccine saved us from the deadly Plague? Scarlet Fever? Cholera? Smallpox disappeared completely while it is estimated as few as 10% of the population received the vaccine, a far cry from the 90% required for “herd immunity.”

Herd Immunity

Herd immunity actually only exists in nature where natural exposure of a herd to a disease incurs lifelong immunity. When was the last time you were vaccinated? If it was 5-10 years ago or more, you are no longer immunized. In fact, most people vaccinated before 2004 are no longer immunized, and some never developed an immune response to vaccines at all. If such a large chunk of our population has no immunity to these diseases, why aren’t we seeing a resurgence of measles in adults? Why isn’t everyone being crippled today by polio? Shouldn’t we expect our unvaccinated adult population to be virulently spreading disease and dropping like flies? What makes my unvaccinated child a public health threat but not my unvaccinated adult neighbor? If vaccines really saved us, with how few adults are still ‘vaccinated’, we would all be dead.

“Herd immunity from vaccines, because of their questionable and short-lived efficacy, is nothing more than a myth.”

I feel it is equally important to address the thousands of parents who claim to have witnessed their child regress into autism following a severe vaccine reaction. While “correlation does not equal causation,” it is irresponsible to ignore such a strong correlation. Autism rates continue to skyrocket. In the most recently released data from 2104 the CDC estimates 1:68 children has autism, up 30% in just two years from 1:88 in 2012. That cannot be scientifically explained by better diagnostics or wider criteria. The experts can’t agree why autism rates are going up, and yet the only eye witnesses are ignored.

To me the connection was obvious. It was as plain as watching my child fall off a bike, then come in the house with a skinned knee. I would conclude the injury was from the fall, of course. For me to assume it was only a coincidence would be absurd. His knee wasn’t skinned before, he crashed his bike, and now he is injured. Yet that is how parents are answered. “We don’t know what causes autism, but it couldn’t possibly have anything to do with his severe adverse vaccine reaction.” Severe vaccine reactions are almost always written off as coincidence, and are grossly under-reported as a result.

Autism-vaccine link

Many claim the autism-vaccine link is nothing more than an elaborate fraud, citing a paper written by Dr. Andrew Wakefield that was published in a peer-reviewed journal but later retracted. Dr. Wakefield’s findings, however, have been replicated a dozen times by independent researchers, and his research team has since been exonerated. Furthermore, independent research as well as newly released documents by the CDC reveal that exposure to chemicals found in vaccines such as mercury and aluminum do increase the risk for developmental diseases such as autism.

While it is important to look at the science on both sides, it is equally important to examine how the studies were performed and who did them. Many times there are conflicts of interest and financial incentives, creating an environment where experiments are catered to a certain preferred outcome. Safety studies of vaccines are what I call junk science, utilizing small test groups and short test periods, rarely implementing a true placebo, usually testing a vaccine against a vaccine adjuvant or another already approved vaccine. That’s like testing vodka against rum and concluding that drinking rum does not lead to alcoholism because just as many vodka drinkers became alcoholics.

Today the CDC recommends giving 49 vaccines before kindergarten. That is more than any other industrialized country in the world. Coincidentally, we also have the highest infant mortality rate.

I urge parents to look at the information for themselves and truly weigh the benefits and risks. Parents need to know that vaccine exemptions are available in almost every state, and children can still go to school if you opt out. The risk of vaccine injury is very real and much more common than most people realize. Look deep. Do the real research before it’s too late. These are our kids, they deserve it.

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  • Linda Lehr Anning

    Here in CA all children entering preschool and kindergarten must be vaccinated. And preschool teachers as well. Luckily I am old enough to have had all the childhood diseases from the 1950s and have lifelong immunity which I passed to my daughter and thru breast feeding. I will not get any vaccines. Never had a flu shot and never will. We must stand up to this dangerous mass medication! It is a national travesty!

  • Mihaela

    Please try the GAPS diet. My son was like yours but we are on GAPS diet since around 2 years and a half ago and he is way way way better. Not the same as his peers but he talks a ton, writes, reads small words, draws, etc. I’ve read of bigger kids recovering too. You really need to try it. I know it’s hard because when your son is low functioning, you barely have time for anything, let alone a big shift in habits, but it is worth it.

  • Shyanne

    Thank you for writing this. I’ll be having a baby soon and I am passionately against vaccinating of any kind. This article helped me put into words what I’ve been trying to say. Thank you times a million.

  • Ashley Marie Black

    Thank you for telling your story. I had our first son last June and have been strongly against vaccination for him, despite his pediatrician’s (rude) urgings. I value another mother who has taken their time to research and protect our babies.

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