My name is Nikie DesRoches and my worst nightmare happened on September 14, 2011 when we took our 2 month old daughter to her first well visit. I was always on the fence about vaccines. My husband was more traditional but knew he didn’t want ALL shots in one day. We fought about it and both felt a lot of pressure.


We arrived at the doctors office, signed in and sat down. It was crowded that day so my husband got up so an older disheveled woman could sit down. She looked at me and asked why I was there. I told her we were there for a well visit and she looked at me and said “Will your baby be getting vaccines?” I told her I wasn’t sure that we were going to talk with the doctor and before I could finish what i was going to say she put her hand on my knee and said “Please don’t give any vaccines. If you do she will die” My husband grabbed my baby and motioned for me to get up to follow him so I did. He told me not to listen to her and seconds later we were called. We went into the room and talked with the doctor for what seemed to be an hour. I shed some tears and voiced my concern.


In the end we decided to do the selective method. DTaP and Pneumococcal. So the nurse came in and jabbed each leg. The Doctor said “Dont worry, she will have a sore spot on each leg and MAYBE a fever but that should be it” The drive home she screamed.. You know the one… High pitched piercing scream and we could do nothing about it because we were stuck in LA traffic on the 101… I tried to soothe her the best I could until we got home. My eyes were puffy from crying myself. It was hot that day. 4:50pm we got home. I swaddled her in just a diaper and nursed her. I remember thinking, finally she is falling asleep.. . she was clammy and looked a bit pale but I figured it was probably a side effect. My husband had committed to meeting up with some friends from out of town and I begged him to stay with me because my Blackberry phone was acting up and we didn’t have a land line. I was terrified something was going to happen to her and all I kept thinking about was what that lady told me in the dr. office. “Please don’t give any vaccines. If you do she will die” will be etched in my mind forever…


My husband assured me that he would only be an hour and a half latest. So he left. She fell asleep nursing so I put her down into her crib. We had a 1 bedroom at the time so I figured I would be able to hear if anything would happen. I was a nervous wreck so I went into the kitchen and swept the floor for some reason. Then I made a sandwich. I sat down on the couch, turned on the tv and as I was about to take a bite this wave of nausea came over me but it wasn’t just a wave it was a gigantic tidal wave of fear that literally forced me up.. plate flying. I ran into the room because that is what my gut was telling me to do. I turned on the light… and this all happened in a matter of seconds~ I looked at my daughter and her mouth was slightly open and her neck looked wet. I yelled her name nothing. I placed my hand on her chest and rocked her to try and wake her up… nothing. I picked her up and her head was floppy… I laid her down and checked if she was breathing nothing. I immediately started CPR and what seemed like eternity she responded. I picked her up and grabbed my phone. I dialed 911 and my phone died. I ran outside screaming for anyone to help me and thankfully our neighbor was home. He called 911… they were there within 7 min and took over. She received a bunch of testing all came up negative. BUT the head Of Pediatrics did say to me. “Had you not gone in to check on her when you did, she would have been a SIDS baby” That Doctor knew… He knew exactly what happened.


Once we were released I hired a Homeopath and we gently detoxed my daughter.. It was a long journey but we are grateful to have her here with us today.


I will never forget that day nor will I forget that woman in the doctors office. She was an angel trying to warn me. In less than 2 hours after my daughter received her shots she stopped breathing and was near death. I thank God that I knew CPR and the only reason I knew it was because I use to be a Flight Attendant. I urge all new parents to make sure they know CPR… I will always listen to my gut and OWN self. I will never let anyone try to bully me into doing something I am not comfortable with. For some reason I was able to save my baby that day. She is a miracle. I just wish I could save them all… My heart breaks daily!

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