A 12-year-old girl Mia Blesky has been left tragically paralyzed from the neck down after receiving the HPV vaccine Gardasil.

Mia has no feeling in her arms or legs and is unable to lift her head or do anything but blink, talk, and sing. Footage filmed days before she fell ill shows the talented youngster – who dreams of being a pop star – standing, clutching a microphone and belting out a tune.

Harrowing videos show how her health shockingly deteriorated – as she shuffles before lying still in her adapted bed at home and croons softly, unable to move. Her mum, hair and makeup artist Gini Blesky, 37, says the symptoms of her debilitating illness were caused by the HPV vaccine Gardasil.

So is it worth it?

Doctors and the media, reading off of pharmaceutical press releases, claim this vaccine prevents cancer. But, in reality, the vaccine has NEVER been proven to prevent one case of cancer. And whether HPV is the true cause of cervical cancer is still up for debate.

The risk of getting cervical cancer is 1 in 40,000…yet severe reactions are estimated in 1 in 500 girls…

The World Health Organization (WHO) says the risk of getting cervical cancer is 1 in 40,000, with more than 80% of all cases occurring in developing countries without regular PAP smear programs. Yet, during clinical trials in Denmark, it was estimated by the lead trial doctor that Gardasil causes severe, life-altering reactions in 1 in 500 girls (Dr. Mehlsen who heads an independent investigation into the HPV vaccine)These girls have ended up with life-debilitating side effects, most ending up in wheelchairs, bed-ridden, with seizures or fainting spells, visual impairment and/or with extreme recurring pain and nerve damage.

If you know someone considering the HPV vaccine, tell them to think twice, three time, four times and research, research, research!

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