My son was 13 months old when he had his one-year vaccines in the UK. He had all of them other than the MMR. I refused the MMR, as my eldest daughter reacted to this with suspected meningitis, and she has since been diagnosed with autism.

Prior to the vaccines, Jamie was weaning well and would eat almost anything. He had a good vocabulary of words for his age.

He had his injections on November 3, 2016, and six days later his problems started.

After the vaccine he became picky with food and his speech regressed. Each time I took him to see a medical professional, I was told he was well, since he was alert and active. It wasn’t until he’d stopped feeding completely and I insisted upon seeing a consultant that they admitted he had bronchiolitis. Within a week of the vaccine he was taken to the GP and hospital no less than nine times becasue I was concerned about his breathing.

The sparkle in Jamie’s eyes seems to have dimmed. He now prefers to play alone and he lines cars up endlessly, even though he has an abundance of other toys. He now has a limited diet and refuses foods he previously ate.

At the time, I didn’t put 2+2 together and continued with his next vaccines a few months later. He had another reaction in the form of a rash and another bout of bronchiolitis.

It was then that the penny dropped, and I decided no more. I had never felt confident about vaccinating but more railroaded into doing it by professionals. I have noticed since last summer there is a degree of speech delay, and words Jamie was saying he doesn’t anymore. I’m convinced there’s a link.

My husband and I have seen a noticeable change in our son. He will not have any further vaccines. We are considering speech therapy or signing classes for Jamie to help his communication now that he is approaching two years of age.

If I had listened to my gut instinct and not given Jamie the vaccines, he could be very different. So I do somewhat blame myself. I have tried a detox with Jamie, but due to his food aversions it didn’t go too well, and getting him to ingest the items against his will was sheer hell.

I would advise any parent not to vaccinate. Just because one person’s baby seems fine after vaccines it doesn’t mean yours will be. The risks of vaccinating outweigh the risks of contracting the conditions.

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