The First Vaccine Injury… 

Megan was 18 months old when she was first vaccine injured. Within a week of receiving her MMR shot she was showing signs of a vaccine injury. After the shot, she was thirsty and had wet diapers all the time. She was taken to the emergency department twice. She ended up turning grey by that second hospital visit, so they transported her to a larger hospital a couple hours away. That is where she was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.

Back in 1989, juvenile diabetes was not very common so they didn’t catch it until she almost died.

“I knew it was a vaccine reaction to the MMR…when I read in the insert that diabetes mellitus can be an adverse reaction.”

The Second Vaccine Injury… 

In 2009, when Megan was 21, she got the Hep B series so she could go to nursing school. She developed debilitating migraines, burning muscles, sore/painful joints and extreme fatigue. She was unable to study for tests in college, it was so bad.

“I didn’t put the two and two together but I started getting nerve pain down my arms and all my muscles burned. I had no energy and I would get severe migraines. I still deal with this almost on a daily basis. I will get some days that are pain-free, but I am in pain more often than not.”

On this last HepB reaction, she ended up seeing a rheumatologist and an orthopedic physician. The only thing they found was that her inflammation markers were high.

It wasn’t until a few years later, after researching HepB and learning about others who had experienced the same reaction, that Megan put two and two together. Her diabetes was getting worse and she was having unexplained health issues. No medical doctor was able to find anything wrong. But she still suffers with severe pain, so to Megan it was clear that it was a vaccine injury, since it happened within a couple weeks of her getting the series.

“That’s my story, and I decided to research when I had my baby. I always had the suspicion that my diabetes was related to the MMR but had no actual ‘proof’ besides the MMR insert saying an adverse reaction of pancreatitis and diabetes mellitus has occurred. As for the Hep B, I just thought I was under stress due to college and my diabetes was the cause of my issues. How was I wrong. The severe pain was nothing but a reaction, and I will never forget the agony I was in.”

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