Recent post by Learn The Risk founder Brandy Vaughan:

“These are the stories that keep me going…that fuel the innate & overwhelming passion to help parents like this.

Parents who’ve been lied to and shunned by doctors who believe pharmaceutical companies over parents. And continue to push dangerous, health-harming drugs and vaccines for profit.

How did the medical system become so ego and profit driven? It’s clear they don’t have the tools to help these families. And they refused see what is right in front of them.

I guess all those MILLIONS pharma spends controlling medical school textbooks and curriculum pays off… putting patients at risk.


Here is the message I woke up to:

“Hi Brandy, sorry to reach out, but I want to ask you about my daughter. She was perfectly healthy and a competitive dancer since age 6.

Then she had the HPV vaccine in October 2017. She suffered tiredness immediately (went to bed at 5pm that night, very unlike her!) and by day 3 was having spasms in her muscles all over her body. Later in the night they started in her chest and we took her to the hospital as she was hysterical as she couldn’t breathe with the pain. It hurt her to breath in and she ended up having a panic attack also since she was so scared.

My daughter was only 12 at the time. The vaccine was given last October. Since then my daughter developed a red eye and partial temporary blindness. The doctor said it was nothing, but her full eyeball turned red. Then my daughter lost her surrounding sight in the same eye for over 30 minutes.
We took my daughter to the optician and he sent us urgently to the hospital so they could test for stroke.The hospital doctors said her sight was fine, saying it was a migraine (“strokes are rare in young girls”) and that my daughter was being dramatic and then sent us home.

Since then, my daughter has had three episodes in which her sight has been affected. Once in patches of blackness and another was big flashes of color in blackness. She lost her hearing the last time it happened & lasted like 5-10 mins during which she sobbed as she was so scared. So I held her and made her keep her eyes closed until it passed.

She said she felt like a weird feeling in her head like all blood rushing to her head, but the sound only went weird in one ear. She said it was all muffled like Im talking underwater or something as it was just mumbling to her. I have also taken pictures also as I noticed some days my daughters face changed down one side.

My daughter has days when she’s almost fine and goes to school happy, but then days that she wakes up in pain all through her body and no energy to move. My daughter has been a competition dancer since 6 years old so is usually very energetic. She still goes to dance but misses so much too. Her body is so exhausted after lessons — this never happened before the HPV shot. She goes to bed early each night, which is her own doing as she feels so tired and just wants to lay down.

All I know is that my daughter was well and healthy before that injection, but now gets ill so much it’s like her immune system isn’t working. She aches and hurts and she still has muscle spasms and twitches in her arms, which all started a week after the HPV shot. I know in my heart that she only got ill after this vaccine and she was ok even just the day before.

But the Doctors make me feel silly and call me “over-dramatic” whenever I mention the HPV shot and her now ill health. And they make my daughter feel as if she’s lying and even suggested it was “all in her head.”

They tried to prescribe an anti-depressant. But I know it’s not in her head, she is really in pain. The doctors say they have never seen anything like it. But maybe they are lying. It seems like a cover-up. And now they are pushing me to get her another HPV shot.

Does this sound like vaccine injured or am I reading too far into things? I just feel like nobody is helping her, and I’m hoping you have some ideas on what to do next”


My heart breaks for these parents and the many others that send me emails & messages.

And, of course it’s a vaccine injury. There are thousands of girls with similar stories.

My reply to her is in the first comment, including 20 scientific studies/reports proving her right and the doctors WRONG.
Research, don’t REGRET!”

— Brandy Vaughan, ex-pharmaceutical inside & founder of Learn The Risk

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