Open letter to Fathers about vaccines.

Initially, Nathaniel Doromal was “unquestioningly pro-vaccine”. But once Nathaniel took the time to research vaccines, he uncovered the dark-side of vaccinations and the corruption within the Pharmaceutical industry.

Now, Nathaniel is a concerned Father who is pleading for all Fathers to do their research too. For Fathers to make their own decisions, because “your child is in your care, not your doctors, not the hospital, not the health authorities, not the CDC, not the abstract entity known as science, and certainly not the government.”

Without further a due, this is Nathaniel’s open letter to all current and future Fathers:

Dear American Father,

Congratulations on either becoming or being a father, having and raising a child is one of the greatest joys and responsibilities yet difficult tasks that a human being can have. There are no easy answers. We fathers are tasked with keeping our families safe, providing a nurturing environment, and making sure our children grow up educated, strong, and able to work in the increasingly complex world.

I write to you today regarding the topic of vaccination. If you are reading this, it means that either your wife or some well-meaning acquaintance has sent you this, or you yourself are seeking information on a potentially divisive topic. I was in this very same boat myself prior to the birth of my child.

I have two bits of advice for you: 1) gather all the information you can on the topic, and 2) remember that you, not the doctors nor the medical establishment, have final say on what happens to your child.

I used to be unquestioningly pro-vaccine. When my wife told me that we shouldn’t vaccinate, I had thought her position to be unscientific and backward. We fought over the question of vaccines. Well she continued to press me and eventually she got me to watch some videos on Youtube. I started with a lecture on vaccines by Dr. Suzanne Humphries, and I watched the documentary Vaxxed. I was surprised to find that such smart people were on the “other side.”

I realized the following two things: 1) the vaccines are not all alike, and 2) the diseases they inoculate against are not all alike. The diseases differ in terms of incidence rate, risk of mortality, and level of communicability.

Based on this knowledge, I transitioned from blanket acceptance of whatever I was told by the doctors to becoming an active, knowledgeable consumer of the medical treatments. I felt empowered because I had the knowledge to decide which vaccines made sense for my demographic and my living conditions.

By corollary, I also learned which vaccines were not necessary based on my lifestyle. For example, I learned that the Hepatitis B vaccine is given to newborns immediately upon birth. This made no sense to me as I learned it is a sexually transmitted disease. I also learned that this vaccine contained toxic materials such as aluminum. My wife and I made the cost-benefit assessment, and we told the doctors that we refuse this vaccine. This was very empowering.

Now I’d like to share with you something that greatly disturbed me in my search: the medical establishment doesn’t want to empower you in making your free choice. Vaccine-injury and adverse events are quite real. Based on this, they should disseminate a FDA vaccine insert to you and give you the requisite time to review it, prior to vaccinating your child. They do not do this. They also actively use tools of coercion in stop you from deviating from the schedule.

Neither do they tell you statistics, such as disease incidence rate and mortality rates, relevant to making an informed decision. For example, I learned that, prior to the measles vaccine, the mortality rate for measles was less than 1 in 300,000. Note that the odds of dying from skydiving are roughly 1 in 10,000. Nor do they tell you how rare vaccine-preventable diseases actually are. We have 500 cases of measles a year in an American population of over 350 million. This makes for an incidence rate akin to 1 in 700,000. The rhetoric of disease fear doesn’t make sense in light of the overwhelmingly low modern incidence rate.

The kicker for me was learning the following. For the longest time, I had thought that vaccines were the most-important-medical-invention and that vaccines-had-saved-millions-of-lives. I was shocked to find out this was myth. The historical data clearly debunks it:

What nobody talks about is most telling: the mortality rates for infectious diseases in America had been dropping since the turn of the 20th century and it appears that the modern vaccination program did little to change this. For me, finding this out was akin to finding-out-the-world-was-round. It befuddled me how so many people today, many of the healthcare professionals, could be propagating this myth.

Then I learned the actual problem with today’s modern vaccine program:

I was born in the 1980s and I received the 24 vaccine doses. Thankfully I turned out fine. However, I learned that today’s child receives nearly triple this amount, a whopping 72 doses. And it turns out that the CDC is adding more and more to the schedule. The question is: are all these injections necessary and who decides if a vaccine is necessary or not?

Well, I am telling you, dear father, that you and your wife, as parents, are the deciders of vaccine necessity. Your child is in your care, not your doctors, not the hospital, not the health authorities, not the CDC, not the abstract entity known as science, and certainly not the government.

Vaccines have never been risk-free. Vaccine-injury is real and there exists a little-known government program that compensates the vaccine-injured. So far it has paid out nearly $4 billion. It is also little known that the government protects the vaccine manufacturers for vaccine injury liability.

We are at a crux now in society. Important questions are being decided regarding the role of government power vs. the power of the individual, the role of parents vs. the role of health authorities. I urge you to educate and empower yourself, dear father, or others will do it for you.

Nathaniel Doromal, Ex-vaccinating father and concerned US citizen

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