On March 1, 2019, Sweet Evee Gayle passed away in her sleep. One and a half days after her routine 6-month vaccines.

Evee was a beautiful, healthy two six-month-old girl who was full of life and in “perfect health, as she was her whole life”. She was giggling, eating solids, and telling her mother “no” the night before her “wellness check-up”.

The next day, Evee had her six-month checkup and scheduled immunizations, which included six different vaccine doses.

Things changed…

After the shots, Evee wasn’t the same. She lost her cheekiness and was awfully tired. She had no energy and she was becoming unresponsive.

One and a half days later, Evee passed away in her Mother’s arms.

In her heartbroken mother’s words:

“I am just so upset and disgusted with myself for not doing more research before getting Evee vaccinated. I had no idea any of these injuries or deaths were happening by the thousands. I stupidly chose to trust the medical professionals. These facts aren’t “made up” or any sort of exaggeration. This is the INSERT for the Pediarix vaccination that my daughter received at her 6-month visit.”

The medical examiner said they would “run all tests possible.” When asked if they would run specific tests that would prove that vaccines were NOT the culprit in her daughter’s death she was told NO “there is no medical reasoning, and it’s not medically approved.”

“I was assured the day of my daughter’s death by that office that “every test” would be performed, that her receiving vaccinations a day and a half prior was of concern and they’d be running “those kinds of tests”, that they took infant deaths very seriously. I believed them. These simple tests I requested would reveal if vaccinations had played any part in my daughter’s death. Well, less than an hour after sending that email, I finally got that doctor to call me back! She refused to do the tests, each and every one.

This is an absolute outrage. They label, ridicule, and dismiss these mothers…and now outright censoring them. This mother deserves to be heard. Please. This is what is really going on. SIDs is caused by vaccines. It’s heartbreaking they’ve kept the truth hidden. This published report shows that SIDS a large amount of SIDS labeled deaths occurred within 2 days of vaccination.  www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/26021988

For the full story, click here.

For more studies like this, click here: www.LearnTheRisk.org/studies

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