It’s a short look at a boy’s life before and after vaccines.

Eric was born healthy in 1991. He died too early Рat the age of 23 Рin 2014.

“We had to care for him 24/7. He couldn’t walk or talk, and sometimes he would have 100 seizures a day,” explains his mother. “We refused to vaccinate our next child, and she is completely healthy at 17 years old.”

Seizures are a PROVEN side effect of vaccines. (Learn more here:

Vaccine injury is REAL and NOT RARE.

Please listen to the parents who have seen the real damage done. Honor them by doing your own research. Your child’s health and possibly life is absolutely NOT worth the risk.

Vaccines did NOT stop epidemics of disease. Those lies are sold to you by the people who profit off them.

We hope this video motivates you to speak out even louder, volunteer even more, carry tape and flyers in your purse, donate more, speak to every person you can, organize a booth at a local event, etc. Get involved and be BRAVE, so Eric won’t have lived in vain.

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