As people rush to pharmacies for their “free” flu shots, are they warned of the real dangers? Or that the flu shot is not proven to prevent the flu?

Brett Maxwell, a healthy and active guy before his one flu shot gone wrong, was never told of any dangers. If he’d been warned, he might have a normal life. Instead, he’s now permanently disabled and his life will never be normal again.

His story in his words:

“My one and only flu shot was in 2013. It gave me the flu and I almost died in the ER and spent 2 weeks in the ICU. I was in and out of hospitals from 2013 – 2015 and had 3 emergency surgeries. I’ve also had physical therapy twice to help me walk again, with the help of a walker and a cane.
Now, I’m permanently disabled with irreversible damage to my joints and bones with debilitating chronic pain, inflammatory arthritis, degenerative bone disease, chronic liver and kidney disease. I will never walk or jog again, nor run in marathons, nor hike or ride jet skis! I now use a wheelchair pretty much all the time. I will never ever get another vaccine ever again!”

The question remains, are flu shots for your health…or to generate more profit?

For information the doctor and pharmacists don’t give you on the flu shot, click here.

To see the list of side effects from vaccines, click here.

The flu shot is not even proven to protect from the flu!

Have you heard of Fluarix or Afluria? These are two common flu shots that are given before and during flu season to prevent people from catching the flu. The only issue is, they have never been tested to protect from the flu.

Yet, there are very REAL side effects of the flu shot… that the pharmacy won’t tell you about. The adverse reactions that can occur and subsequent health issues are NOT rare.

Vaccines are a long-term investment for pharmaceutical companies — ever wonder why that flu shot is FREE?!! — because they will eventually lead to health issues. You then purchase pharmaceutical drugs to counteract the issues and the cycle goes on. This is no surprise if you look at the vaccine ingredients list.

For the vaccine ingredients list, click here.

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