Aviana Woods: January 24th, 2017 – May 25th, 2017

Aviana Woods was a happy, healthy baby. Then her mother took her in for her routine 4-month vaccinations and Aviana’s world changed. The doctor commented on how healthy Aviana was, then gave her 8 doses of vaccines. 12 hours later, Aviana died in her sleep — not from suffocation or any bed-related reasons, but from an acute inflammatory reaction from the vaccines. A reaction that is so common, it’s listed as a potential side effect of the vaccines Aviana was given.

Predictably, the doctor denied any responsibility or liability relating to Aviana’s death. Medical examiners aren’t offered the option to choose vaccine reactions as a cause of death. So deaths like Aviana’s go under the radar, falling under terms like SIDS, Sudden Undetermined Infant Death (SUIDS), or just labeled “unknown”. This was the case with Aviana’s death as well.

Her mother Taylor, a board-certified nurse, is left struggling to understand how this could happen to her child when she was always taught in nursing school that vaccines are “safe” and “effective.” Yet, in reality, they’re neither. Taylor now works to educate other parents so they understand the real risks of vaccines, with the hope that this will save other children.

23,000 US babies die every year before their first birthday — far higher than other developed countries with fewer vaccines. Research shows that vaccines can be fatal for some children as the toxic levels of vaccine additives (like aluminum, mercury, formaldehyde and polysorbate 80) accumulate and cause brain inflammation (aka encephalitis). This brain swelling can impair breath regulation in some babies causing sleep apnea and death.

Aviana’s mother Taylor shares her heartbreaking story:

“Aviana was born on January 24, 2017. I had no complications through pregnancy or labor. She was perfect, healthy, and beautiful. Avi never had any sickness aside from a stuffy nose and had no health problems. She received the Hepatitis B vaccination in the hospital within the first 24 hours of life. I had no idea about the evil of vaccinations at this time as I am a nursing student and was fully vaccinated myself until I lost Aviana.”

She was on track developmentally and physically . . . 

“Every time we went to the well-child visits, the doctor said she was on track developmentally and physically and saw no issues with her. She received all of the routine two-month vaccinations, which made her a little more tired than normal but nothing else out of the ordinary that I noticed.”

Then things changed . . . 

“Aviana turned four-months-old on May 24, 2017, so it was time for another “well-child visit.” Her appointment was at 1:30 in the afternoon. I remember crying with Avi when she cried after they injected those vaccinations into her, one nurse on each side. I had never heard her scream so loud in my life, and my heart was broken. The instant they were done her eyes became heavy. The rest of the day she was fussier than usual. She was a very happy baby on any other day. She was also very tired and slept more than she usually did. Avi wasn’t one to take naps for very long during the day.”

Aviana was not her normal talkative playful self . . .

“I went to work as usual a few hours later, so she was with her babysitter until my mom got off of work. I picked Aviana up from my mom’s house that night when I got off work around 8:30. They told me she had been a little fussy, was very tired, and not her normal talkative playful self. Aviana was usually very vocal normally, cooing, babbling, laughing and very alert. So I chalked up this abnormal behavior to the “normal” reactions to shots because that’s what they tell you. They advise not to come in unless the baby’s fever is high. I took Aviana home, changed her and fed her. She fell right asleep as she finished her feeding, which wasn’t normal for her. She was usually up late, ready to play.”

Then things got worse . . .

“I laid her down around 9:30 or 10 and when checked on her before I went to bed at 11:30, she was laying on her left side. Aviana had been sleeping through the night for two months, so I didn’t think anything of not hearing her throughout the night, because she was a good sleeper.
I woke up at 6 am the next morning to get ready for class and went to check on her before I started my routine. Then I peeked in and began to worry.
I ran over to her and found her blue and discolored with bloody mucous fluids coming out of her nose. Her little body was heavy and lifeless, and I knew nothing could be done at this point.”

23,000 healthy babies die every year in the U.S. before their first birthday, more than any other developed country. The U.S. gives more vaccines to infants than any other country. Research shows this is not a coincidence…

Within around 12 hours of receiving her four-month vaccinations, my precious Aviana was dead . . . 

“When EMS arrived, they told me what I knew, but didn’t want to hear, which was that there was nothing they could do…
This day will replay over and over again for me for the rest of my life. I had no idea about vaccinations, what was in them, the side effects. I knew NOTHING because they don’t truly inform you as a parent. You’re just supposed to blindly trust it. I wanted to do what was best for Aviana, which I thought was vaccinating her, and for that reason she is no longer with me today.”

We know the cause of her death . . .

“Her autopsy report says “Unknown, undetermined,” but there is evidence of it being caused by the vaccines in that report, and I know in my heart that she died from vaccines”.

I wish I knew then, what I know now

“I will continue to use her story to fight for her and all the other babies and children who have been affected by vaccines. I wish I knew then what I know now.” — Taylor Porter

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Did you know, the DTaP vaccine has DEATH listed as a side effect?

It is also given to infants at four-months-old… coincidence?

Click here to read the insert (page 12, number 250)

Aviana was perfect, healthy and beautiful

She died 12 hours after her 4 months vaccines


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