UK Hospital sues parents and wins custody of child they want to kill — and refuses parents’ pleas to take child to another hospital

  • UK Hospital sentences 2-year-old old to death, will pull plug and inject fatal chemicals THIS WEEK
  • Hospital sued parents for custody and have police by the child’s bedside “protecting” the child from parents
  • Despite pleas from the desperate parents and protesters outside hospital — and request for transfers to an Italian hospital

UPDATE: Monday, April 23rd, the hospital removed little Alfie from his breathing support. The hospital has permission to inject execution-style chemicals to stop his heart at any time.

Alfie is fighting to survive and breathing on his own despite doctors swearing Alfie would not be able to. But he is proving the doctors WRONG!

Original article:

Another tragedy is unfolding in the UK just months after baby Charlie Gard was ultimately sent to his death by another UK hospital.

Alfie Evans, a 2-year-old boy, is in the hospital with an undiagnosed neurological disorder with seizures — technically in a “coma.” But his parents have published videos showing the child yawning, stretching, sucking on a pacifier, opening his eyes and reacting to his parents’ voice — all this despite the massive doses of sedatives he is given at the hospital.

But the hospital is adamant that it’s “in the best interest” of the boy to be KILLED. The parents disagree, so the hospital sued the parents. The court ordered the child to be killed. Police are at Alfie’s bed, day and night, making sure the parents can’t “kidnap” their son for treatment elsewhere.


Alder Hey, a Liverpool hospital, has SUED the parents of 2-year-old Alfie Evans and won custody of the little boy to enact their plan to end the child’s life DESPITE evidence the child is responding to his parents’ voices and touch.

After Alfie´s desperate father flew to Italy to beg for Vatican support, the Pope pleaded for justice for Alfie and asked the UK government to step in and allow a transfer to a hospital in Rome. The hospital has offered lifetime care for Alfie and to pay for the transfer, but Alder Hey hospital REFUSES to let the boy leave, and turned off his ventilator last night.

The parents’ desperate pleas have fallen on deaf ears, even after the Pope’s intervention and guarantee that a hospital in Rome will pay all expenses for the transfer and care of Alfie.


If the hospital is tired of caring for the child, why not just let the child leave the hospital and go to Italy for treatment? Why is the hospital so adamant they want to be the one that kills the child?

Some say hospitals pull these stunts to hide damage that they have accidentally done to the patient while under their care. Some say when a hospital fights to kill a child patient, they are covering up medical testing that has been done without parental consent.

Huge research grants are paid to secure and use children for medical research and testing, when they garner custody of the children, the parents cannot say no, get a second opinion or change doctors and the children become hospital/research test subjects. Most research requires that hospitals conduct an autopsy and harvest organs for lab analysis. Alder Hey hospital has been under scrutiny for past programs where organs and tissues were harvested without parental consent.

Could this be why the hospital now has armed guards surrounding Alfie’s bed and Alfie´s father is no longer allowed to touch him? Their visits have also been limited to only a few hours a day.

Alfie’s parents have also published pictures documenting the abuse and neglect of Alfie at Alder Hey (unexplained burn mark, blood and secretion stains, moldy tubes and clothes soaked in urine due to diaper change neglect).

In front of the hospital, dozens, hundreds, sometimes over a thousand people rally peacefully demanding the release of Alfie. Among them, the boy’s parents, Kate and Tom, with passports in their hands. From the whole family, only the parents still have partial access to their son – sometimes, for a while, under police supervision. The Child’s father, Thomas Evans, has been banned from touching his son under threat of arrest for assault.

Evans traveled to Italy to meet the Pope and beg for help in saving his son. He has asked for asylum for the family in Italy. In the meantime, the British court set the date for the execution of the child for today April 23.

The hospital is to remove the child’s respiration support, but because they expect that Alfie may be able to continue breathing on his own, he is to be given substances causing chemical suffocation: Midazolam and Fentanyl — used in executions of convicted criminals.

According to the British court’s verdict, the details of the executions are banned from publication in the United Kingdom. The verdict also specifies that if the child should struggle for his life, he is to be given increasing doses of the substances until the desired effect is achieved.

A similar case took place not long ago. After months of fighting, the Great Ormond Street Hospital in London succeeded in killing Charlie Gard despite desperate please from his family.

A similar situation happened three years ago. The parents of a boy named Aysha King “kidnapped” their child from the British hospital to take him for cancer treatment in Switzerland. They went to jail for it, but managed to save their son’s life. It was recently announced that that boy has been completely cured of cancer in Switzerland.

It’s clear that hospitals are not always the beacon of healthcare and sometimes we are better off without medical intervention. In fact, leading experts in the United States recently estimated that medical errors are now the third leading cause of death. More on that here.


Alfie’s parents have said the neurological issues and seizures came on suddenly around the time of his 4 and 6 month vaccines,  and got increasingly worse. Doctors said they cannot explain the condition or what the cause is. Seizures are well-documented side effect of vaccines as are  neurological issues and paralysis. See the scientific studies here.

PLEASE SHARE this post and video EVERYWHERE using the links below (groups, FB pages of UK media & lawmakers, tweet, email, etc) in hopes it may reach someone who will force the hospital to let baby Alfie leave with his parents.

Video showing Alfie opening his eyes

Protesters supporting the family of terminally ill toddler Alfie Evans stand outside a children’s hospital today, after his parents were denied the chance to present their case before the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR).

Around 200 people arrived at Liverpool’s Alder Hey hospital where the little boy currently is, to protest the judges’ decision to end the 23-months-old child’s life support.

Alfie’s parents want to move their son from Alder Hey to a hospital in Rome. The couple said Italian doctors were willing to treat the little boy and an air ambulance was available.

Justices at Britain’s Supreme Court and ECHR judges also refused to intervene.

Doctors are often quick to claim someone is brain dead when recovery is actually possible…

LIVERPOOL, England, April 22, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) — Alfie Evans will be given Midazolam and Fentanyl when his life-support is removed.

Thomas Evans published part of a legal document that explains how the Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust plans to end his son’s life.

The document Evans published states: “With regard to the process of withdrawal of ventilation from Alfie, the Trust proposes that … a cannula will be placed in situ and infusions of Midazolam (an anxiolytic) and Fentanyl (an analgaesic) will be prepared. They would be commenced and increased to control symptoms if necessary.”

The Trust would provide “suction of the mouth and an airway” to the infant while his heart and breathing monitors are stopped. His parents would be allowed to hold him, or he could be left in his cot, if they preferred. His breathing tube would then be disconnected from the ventilator and removed from his body. The medical team would then “step back “ and observe “Alfie’s situation and level of comfort,” so as to “respond quickly–ensuring comfort and support.”

The next paragraph of the document assumes the child will die as a result of the above actions.

“Once all external signs of life have ceased, one of the senior doctors will sensitively physically examine Alfie to confirm that death has occurred and report the time of death.”

One of the more dangerous side effects of Fentanyl, one of the drugs to be introduced to Alfie before his ventilator is removed, is respiratory depression. This could mean that there is a risk Alfie would be unable to breathe on his own because of the drug.

One argument of Alder Hey’s supporters is that Alfie’s life support is not “natural”. Their assumption is that Alfie will die “naturally” once he is removed from the ventilator. However, Alfie’s father has long maintained that Alfie would be able breathe for himself were he not on sedatives preventing him from breathing independently.

Tom Evans posted the end-of-life plan to Facebook alongside recent photos of the boy, commenting “And this is the execution plan put in place by [Alder Hey]. Where is this treatment, where’s our involvement, where’s our say, how is this legal?”

According the the document, the withdrawal of Alfie’s ventilator–and the intravenous introduction of Midazolam and Fentanyl–will take place in Alfie’s cubicle in the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit at Alder Hey.

Alder Hey requested that only four people from the family be present when Alfie’s “extubation” takes place: his parents and two immediate family members. They say that a “priest may be present at any time” if the family is being supported by one.

U.S. Pediatrics professor: “legalized killing” such as done to pet dog

Pediatrics professor Dr. Paul A. Byrne told LifeSiteNews that Alfie ought to have a tracheostomy.

“It is highly unlikely that Alfie will be able to breathe sufficiently without a tracheostomy, which was indicated and should have been done more than a year ago,” he said.

“A tracheostomy would facilitate treatment of Alfie, weaning from the ventilator, and allowing for transfer to another treatment center or his home,” Byrne continued.

“Not doing a tracheostomy has institutionalized Alfie. It has been somewhat like being in jail. Stopping [the] ventilator with ET tube in place is more difficult for Alfie; however,  doctors will be able to say they simply stopped the ventilator.”

Byrne also said that the Midazolam and Fentanyl will shorten Alfie’s life.

“Midazolam (Versed) decreases memory,” he said. “Fentanyl decreases cough and breathing. These will shorten Alfie’s life so that those around will have a shorter time to watch and observe Alfie live.”

The American doctor did not mince words when giving his opinion of Alder Hey’s  end-of-life plan.

“Not to treat Alfie with trach and ventilator is legalized killing,” he told LifeSiteNews. “A disease that is of unknown cause, and does not have a presently known treatment that has resulted in a child with disabilities is not a reason to euthanize, as is commonly [done] to a pet dog.”

Last minute petition filed to European Court of Human Rights

Tom Evans and Alfie’s mother, Kate James, have been trying to overturn a court order directing Alder Hey Children’s hospital in Liverpool to remove their son’s ventilator.

They filed a petition to the European Court of Human Rights after the UK Supreme Court refused to hear their case.  They sought to overturn the UK Court of Appeal’s ruling last Monday against the parents’ argument that their son is being unlawfully detained by the hospital. It was the Court of Appeal that set Monday, April 23rd, as the date for the removal of Alfie’s ventilation.

Alfie Evans, born May 9, 2016, is lying critically ill in Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation in Liverpool. His doctors say that he has an undiagnosed neurological condition that has resulted in serious and irreparable brain damage. In February 2018, Alder Hey won a legal decision that continued life support was not in the child’s best interests. Alfie’s parents have been fighting it ever since.

Last Tuesday, Tom Evans flew to Rome to meet with Pope Francis. The pontiff was said to be moved by the meeting with Evans and said that the young man’s courage reminded him of the love of God, Who is reluctant to lose any of His children.

At Pope Francis’ behest, Bishop Cavina is serving as the mediator between the Holy See and Alfie’s family. Barring a last-minute reprieve from the European Court of Human Rights, Cavina’s skills as a diplomat may be the family’s last hope to save Alfie’s life.


It’s with deep sorrow that we announce the death of Baby Alfie Evans at 2.30am on the 27th April, four days after his ventilator was removed.

He may be gone from this world, but he will NEVER be forgotten.

We will do everything in our power to expose the corruption and greed behind his murder.

Let’s be clear, he did not die of his brain condition, he was medically MURDERED.

It’s shocking that this can happen in a “civilized” world. It’s clear the medical system is now ruled by profit, greed and ego.

It’s now up to us to be the Alfie’s voice and ensure he did not die in vain. It’s up to us to insist on justice.

Things MUST change and it begins with us.

Thank you Alfie for inspiring us to fight harder. Thank you for being a true hero. Thank you shining your light on the darkness in this world, even at the ultimate price.

The Pope honors Alfie

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