Eight Vaccine Doses Kill Two Month Old-Baby

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“The doctor never told me vaccines could kill my baby. He said they were safe.” This is the voice of an anguished mother whose two-month-old baby died after being given eight vaccine doses.

On May 29, 2015, Christy Day’s life changed forever. Her beautiful, healthy two-month-old son was dead, just nine days after receiving eight different vaccines at his two-month baby visit.

More Vaccines, More Infant Deaths?

Born completely healthy, two-month-old Reid Thomas Day-Englehart was vaccinated on May 20, 2015, with eight vaccine doses, including DTaP (three vaccines in one shot), Hib, polio, pneumococcal, hepatitis B and the oral rotavirus vaccine. This is the routine vaccine schedule given to two month-old babies, even premature babies, in the United States, which has the most infant vaccines of any developed country.

Some experts claim that the more vaccines there are on the schedule, the higher the infant death rate. The US has one of the highest infant death rates as well as the highest first-day death rate in the developed world. The US is the only country that gives both the Hepatitis B vaccine and the Vitamin K shot to babies on their first day of life, while still at the hospital. 

Reid Dies Nine Days After Vaccines

Reid was not Christy’s first child. She vaccinated her previous three children, too. And although they have some manifestations of vaccine damage, none of them ever stopped breathing afterwards. The difference could lie in the fact that baby Reid was sick at the time of his doctor’s appointment. Vaccine inserts used to advise against vaccinating if a child was ill, but when the vaccine market began to balloon in size, this warning was removed from inserts.

“Reid was still wheezing from a previous infection and still had a residual cough, but his doctor insisted it was fine to vaccinate him,” explains Christy.

Nine days later, without a struggle and without any obstruction of his airways, baby Reid stopped breathing while asleep on his father’s chest. He passed away May 29, 2015.

There was a bloody-colored mucus on his father’s shirt where Reid’s head rested on his chest. This blood-like mucus, common in infant deaths, proves there was no obstruction in the airway. More mucus came out of Reid’s mouth when his mother performed CPR.

An investigation was done, and Reid’s death was ruled accidental. The immediate cause listed on his autopsy report and his death certificate  “possible suffocation,”though there were no signs or proof that he suffocated or that his airways were obstructed.

Parents Cannot Sue Vaccine Makers

It’s little known that vaccines are one of the only federally protected products — meaning that the families of anyone injured or killed by vaccines cannot sue vaccine makers for misconduct for injuries resulting from their vaccines. This is because, as the Supreme Court has ruled, vaccines are “UNAVOIDABLY UNSAFE.”

A claim has been filed with the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP) on principle, but almost two-thirds of filed cases are thrown out, because the government fights tooth and nail to not recognize vaccines as a cause of death.

After Reid’s death, Christy contacted the doctor’s office and requested that a Vaccine Adverse Events Report (VAERS) be filed as per the law. Even though this request has been documented in Reid’s medical files, the doctor has yet to file a report. The doctor also continues to deny any possible link between the vaccines and Reid’s sudden death, despite the fact that, sleep apnea (a temporary suspension of breathing occurring repeatedly during sleep) is reported as a potential adverse event following vaccines.

Check out the toxic ingredients in vaccines that can cause side effects: www.learntherisk.org/ingredients

The day that changed it all

Christy recalls the day she brought Reid in for his two-month shots. “It was May 20, 2015, and Reid’s father, Dusty, took him to get his vaccines. When they came home from the doctor, Reid was passed out and slept 11 hours straight, which was not normal,” she explains. “When he woke up, he was very cranky, he would not let you put him down and he screamed often. He was drinking full bottles before the shots, but afterwards he stopped eating normally — in fact, he never took a full bottle again. He never smiled or laughed again either.”

“Having had four children, I know that the doctors tell you children can get a fever after the shots. But it was so abnormal for Reid to scream and refuse to eat, so we called the doctor. Of course, they said he was ‘fine.’ We know now he wasn’t fine at all. In fact, we even knew it then, but they wouldn’t listen.”

In a mother’s words

As Christy continues to tell Reid’s story, you can hear the love and the pain in her voice. “Baby Reid hit milestones just as he was supposed to, even surpassing them. He could hold his head up right after he was born and began smiling and laughing around four weeks. He had the cutest little crooked smile that I have ever seen.”

And then, the morning of May 29, 2015, their lives forever changed. “I remember waking up around 7 a.m and checking on all my babies. Everyone was asleep, except my oldest son, Aiden. I checked on baby Reid, and he was still breathing and sleeping peacefully on daddy’s chest, with his mouth slightly open. It was a touching sight, nothing dangerous at all,” she explains. “I have slept with my babies on my chest when they are having a hard time sleeping too. A lot of families do. In fact co-sleeping is the most common way to sleep throughout the world.”

“About 15 minutes later, my son Aiden and I were going to grab breakfast, and I had him go in and ask Dusty if he wanted anything. I will never forget the terror on his face when he came running out of the house with Dusty following, screaming, ‘There’s something wrong with Reid!’ That moment changed my world forever.” 

After 9-1-1 was called, Christy did all she could to revive baby Reid, including CPR, watching as her baby’s chest rose and fell with her breath. His airways were not obstructed. Christy explains: “I did everything I could to bring him back. I knew he hadn’t been gone long, because I had just checked on him and he was alive. From that moment on, I feel like I have been in complete shock.”

The painful aftermath

Within days, the police called Dusty, Reid’s father, and told him they would rule it “possible suffocation” due to co-sleeping. “I know that wasn’t the cause. I know Reid would’ve fought to breathe. Dusty would’ve felt him struggle or kick — Reid was very strong already and could hold his head up for many weeks already,” explains Christy. “I have since found out that the doctors and coroners will do anything they can to not blame the vaccines.”

After that day, Reid’s devastated family was in utter shock. “The funeral was a blur. I couldn’t even tell you who was there,” says Christy. “All I remember is seeing his little lifeless body in the casket. To this day, I constantly see in my head the image of his sweet little hands folded together. All I could think was how fake it seemed. His hands were never still like that. He was always moving, always active.” 

As she grieved, Christy reached out online for support from other families who had similar stories. She was shocked to find that literally thousands of other grieving mothers have very similar stories: Their babies died right after vaccines, too. She began to realize that it is not nearly as rare as they say — and that other doctors refuse to acknowledge the dangers as well.

“I was that pushy pro-vaccine supporter who shamed mothers for not vaccinating. I thought I was protecting my kids,” admits Christy. “It’s crazy, you never think something like this can happen to your family…until it does. And then, when you research it, you realize it happens EVERY DAY to families around the US.”

“I miss him so much. This pain will never go away.”

The pain is still fresh for Christy, as if it had happened yesterday. “I think about him all day, every day, and my heart hurts. I visit his grave, and all I can think is how unfair it is. Vaccines robbed my son of his whole life and robbed our family of an amazing little boy who was meant to grow up happy and healthy,” Christy says. “As I always say: ‘I have four kids. Three have beating hearts and are with me on this earth, and sadly, one has no beating heart and lives in heaven as a baby angel waiting for me to join him.”

Christy now funnels her pain and anger into educating others on the real risk of death and harm from vaccines. “Raising awareness is now what’s important to me. It’s too late for Reid, but I will do whatever I can to save another baby from the same fate,” explains Christy. “I can at least plant a seed and, hopefully, get at least one mother to do the research before she vaccinates her baby. I would give anything to go back in time and do the research before vaccines killed my baby. Now, I speak out so something good might come out of this tragedy.”

In his all-too-short eleven-week life, baby Reid was loved by all, especially his parents, who are now heartbroken.

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  • Anderson

    Im so sorry for your lost. My daughter just got vaccinated. I cane online to take tips on how to soothe her coming home and came across your story. Im literally in tears I couldn’t imagine anything horrifying like that I’m holding her now not letting her go praying for your Reid and many like him and my daughter many like her being vaccinated is like gambling your childs life I shouldn’t feel scared like this.

  • Annie Caishpal

    I’m so sorry for your loss. I hold my 2 month old on my chest and it’s almost 3am. He got his vaccines yesterday and he has a low grade fever I woke up at 1:30 to check on him. And looked up vaccine reactions and I have come across so many stories of healthy, happy babies passing days even hours after they have been vaccinated. I feel heartbroken and scared knowing that I have given my child the vaccines. My doctors office has a wiever about vaccines being administered on schedule. I need to find other options as either vaccinating and not vaccination puts my child at risk.

  • Linda Cox

    I came across this while searching for other children who passed from their vaccinations. My first grandbaby Railee died at 2 1/2 months old the night of her first vaccinations last October. Railee went to sleep that night and never woke up. The DA is trying to accuse her mommy of abuse and neglect (horrible untrue charges) because she was co-sleeping, but she was so worried about Railee that night after her vaccinations, she wanted her near her. She was only 9 pounds, tiny at 2 1/2 months and so sweet, healthy and happy, until her vaccinations. Our family is in such grief and now with these abuse and neglect charges, it’s like a living nightmare all over again. I believe it was the DTaP vaccinations that killed her but the County doctor, and all the government employees are in cahoots to protect each other. They also gave her the oral rotavirus vaccine that day. They should have waited until she was a few pounds heavier. We believe her little body was bombarded with so much poison, it was just too much for her. The CDC isn’t regulating vaccinations like they should be. It should be done by weight, not by age. We are at a loss, both from losing our grandbaby and for Railee’s mommy now being accused of something so horrible and untrue. She loved her with all of her heart and doted on her and now I will forever wonder what she would have been. Brokenhearted grandmother here.

  • Linda Michelle Gordon

    Agenda 21 at work

  • Brad

    You mentioned a crooked smile. That is likely injury from aluminum in the vaccines. This poor little fellow was likely already injured from his first vaccines. Look up the following video:


    This video is long but very interesting. I am so sorry for your loss. I wish that I had given my children zero vaccines. We did fewer but still some. We are all trying to do the best for our little ones. Who knew?

    • April Pettifer-Cole

      I feel your story so close to my heart. I delayed vaccines for my son wanting him to be a little older when they vaccinated him. He died 3 days after his dtp. There horrible days of screaming inconsolably. His pediatrician told me to give him Tylenol, which I now know that this was a big mistake. I feel your pain, I’m so very sorry for your loss.

  • Kenneth w

    This just happened to my 2 month old son Feb 10 2018. 2 days after receiving vaccines. Baby Kaysen was healthy and full of life. His doctor told us the exact same thing and now won’t even talk to my wife and I cause they know they killed our baby. I’m so sorry for your loss and I don’t understand why they still allow these vaccines to be given knowing that they are killing babies.

    • Brandy Vaughan

      I’m so sorry to hear about your son. Absolutely heartbreaking. We hear more and more stories of this and it has to stop! Our children should not be dying to satisfy pharmaceutical greed. I know this is fresh, but if you would like to honor him by sharing his story to save others…please email us. I am so so sorry. Our thoughts are with you and your family.

    • Christy L Day

      Kenneth I am so very sorry for your loss. Please contact me , and your wife if you ever need someone to talk to. I have always tried to seek out parents that have gone through this same tradgedy. We are bonded through a terrible thing , however it is so refreshing to speak with someone who understands. Reid would now be 3 . I have made some of the greatest friends through this tradgedy because you will soon see ( if you have not already) family and friends will not always speak about your loss . It is refreshing to speak with someone who really cares and wants to listen. The others do not know what to say. I can tell you I almost lost my mind from people telling me he was in a better place. Yes I get that but we are human and selfish and want our children on this hell of an earth with us . So please do not hesitate to contact me. Christy Lynn Day on fb

  • Annie

    They don’t administer 8 shots to a 2 month old. Every time I hear this story, I call BS. If someone truly did lose a child, meaning this is a real person, it’s unfortunate. But they do not give your child 8 shots.

    • Brandy Vaughan

      Hi Annie,
      Thanks for your comment. And although it seems unbelievable that a 2 month old baby would get 8 shots, it’s very much the truth. The US vaccine schedule recommends 8 vaccines at 2, 4 and 6 months old. This is what doctors are giving to avoid losing insurance money, often tied to the requirement to have a fully vaccinated patient population. The vaccine schedule is here: http://www.webmd.com/parenting/baby/babys-2-month-checkup-what-to-expect

      Vaccines given at two-month check-ups:
      — DTaP (diphtheria, tetanus, acellular pertussis — 3 vaccines in one needle)
      — Hib (haemophilus influenzae type b)
      — IPV (polio vaccine)
      — PCV (pneumococcal conjugate vaccine)
      — HBV (hepatitis B)
      — RV (rotavirus)

  • Kara J

    Reading this article and everyone’s comments has been an eye opener. I’ve been struggling here lately with the decision of letting my 2 month old son get his vaccinations next week. His appointment is a week from today. The more research I do, the more I feel like I’m going to refuse them for him. I had no idea 2 month olds were dying from this. Thank you so much for this information!

  • Alexis Williams

    Thank you for posting this and letting me know my son isn’t 2 months yet but he is 3 days old and I just was doing research on shots he should and shouldn’t get and this right here was an eye opener I wouldn’t know what to donif something happen to my son like that! That’s so sad and they don’t even care ?

    • LearnTheRisk

      It’s dreadful, Alexis. We’re glad you’ve come to our website for your research 🙂

      Let us know if we can assist you in any way with more information

  • Jacquie

    I’m so heartbroken reading this. I just cancelled my daughter’s 2 month check-up because she has a cough and I refuse to get them while she is even a tad sick. I’m looking into staggering her shots anyway. I do wonder if some shots should be held until babies weigh a certain amount. Anyone that can point me to the right spot to look into that info. I have always delayed my kids appointments. I hate them getting shots and the pressure I feel to give them to her. I also hate when all my reasons are rejected and they always say the shots are fine and we need them.m.y other two daughters have all their shots but I seem to get them later than normal. I’m so very sorry for your loss and thank you for telling your story.

    • Brandy

      If your instinct says not to vaccinate, and the science shows that vaccines don’t create real immunity, why would you go against your better judgement and give them? Don’t allow yourself to cave into a doctor that has no specific knowledge about vaccines. They learn nothing about the toxic ingredients in vaccines or that aluminum is known to cause brain damage when injected or the 600,000 reported vaccine injuries and reactions and more than 7,000 deaths. And this is fewer than 1% of actual reactions, according to a 2010 Harvard report. Most reactions go unreported because people don’t connect the dots.

      And while doctors will take your money, they won’t take any responsibility if and when that vaccine causes a side effect or reaction. They will deny, deny, deny. And the science shows that there are numerous possible side effects, like autoimmune issues, neurological issues, paralysis, SIDs, cardiac deaths, eye issues, T1 diabetes, asthma, stroke, anxiety and other mental issues and many other health issues that can be linked to vaccines. We have a thousand studies here: http://www.LearnTheRisk.org/studies

      And more info on how vaccines don’t create real immunity here: http://www.LearnTheRisk.org/immunity

      Protect that little one!

  • alyssa

    my daughter has her 2 month vaccine appt here soon she is only 7lbs 6.5 oz after reading all these comments im so confused on which vaccines or if any at all should she get. i have her on my chest and just feel like crying after these stories i’m so sorry moms!

    • Brandy

      If your instinct says not to vaccinate, and the science shows that vaccines don’t create real immunity, why go against your better judgement and give them? Don’t allow yourself to cave into a doctor that has no specific knowledge about vaccines. They learn nothing about the toxic ingredients in vaccines or that aluminum is known to cause brain damage when injected or the 600,000 reported vaccine injuries and reactions and more than 7,000 deaths. And according to a 2010 Harvard Medical School report, fewer than 1% of all reactions are ever reported.

      And while the doctors will take your money for the vaccines, they won’t take any responsibility if and when that vaccine causes a side effect or reaction. They will deny, deny, deny. And the science shows that there are numerous possible side effects, like autoimmune issues, neurological issues, paralysis, SIDs, cardiac deaths, eye issues, T1 diabetes, asthma, stroke, anxiety and other mental issues and many other health issues that can be linked to vaccines. We have a thousand studies here: http://www.LearnTheRisk.org/studies

      And more info on how vaccines don’t create real immunity here: http://www.LearnTheRisk.org/immunity

      Protect that little one!

  • Gina T

    I’m sorry but I just don’t believe this. You’re telling me the doctor gave your baby 8 shots AT ONCE/ IN ONE DAY to a 2 month old?! Nope…either the doctor is absolutely crazy or you’re in denial about the true cause of death. Yes babies are giving shots at 2,4,6 months; but not at once! They should only be given 3 shots at 2 months. Obviously the 8 shots at once gave a terrible adverse reaction. The immunization timeline is easily searchable on Google. No where does it say give all 8 at once. Why, as a parent, didn’t you question the Dr? You just let him do it?! C’mon…

    • LearnTheRisk

      Hi Gina,

      The baby received 5 separate shots, not 8. The baby received 8 vaccine DOSES.

      The DTaP vaccine contains 3 vaccine doses and the rotavirus vaccine was taken orally.

      I know this sounds hard to believe, but this is the crazy world we live in.

      Jordan – Team LTR

    • N.K.

      The 2 month visit involves 8 vaccinations: Hep B, Type B influenza, Rotavirus, Pneumococcal Conjugate, Tetanus, Acellular Pertussis, Diphtheria, and Polio. Some shots are combined and one is an oral dose, so technically the infant is poked fewer times than that, yes, but it’s still 8 vaccinations at once. It’s right there on the cdc website. You comment was very cold and uncaring towards a grieving parent just because you misunderstood what they meant by “dose”.

    • Mandi

      Yes they get 3 separate shots. But do you understand that DTAP is not just one virus being injected? It’s 3 viruses in one shot plus all the rest that they get. Think about that before posting rude crap and calling someone that lost their baby a liar

  • Leilani

    I spent the second half of my pregnancy watching parents’ testimonies all day every day and researching the science enough to have the confidence to speak my mind at the hospital and at the doctors. I refused it all. Thank God for everyone’s testimonies. We refused the vitamin k at birth, the bcg at 24hours old and all 9 vaccines (in 3 pokes with one oral dose) suggested at the two month well baby visit.

    My sister is a GP and she says they don’t learn anything about vaccines – not about the ingredients, the aborted fetal tissue etc etc .. she says she lears this all from me : /

    I am so sorry for everyone’s loss who has lost their child to vaccine injury.

  • aaa

    This is why I waited until my baby was 6 months old. then I waited until she was 3. She just got her measles shot, shes been sick for 2 weeks, and for like 4 days was really not feeling well, acting weird, and sweats. They didnt tell me that, and also 1 in 50 cases gets the mumps. GO slow, your right, your child, sign a waiver, that it is your medical belief that there are contraindications to wacth out for, if you have a 3 in one shot how do you know what reaction is to what disease, so I do one shot or one shot with 3 in it, and then nothing for 3 months, to 6 months or longer dont let them bully you either, I think they do this to take your child away too! Beware of this beautiful babies for people who cant have them are highly sought after. Bring your attorney to the birthing room, they just might not let you and your baby leave based on a cover up of their malpractice. If you try to leave they charge you with child endangerment send cps to your home, and the Only way I got out with my baby when she was born.

    • Valerie Griner

      Please don’t give her any more vaccines. Find a way out. It only takes ONE shot to do the damage…or kill a person. That’s why so many people have died from the flu vaccine.

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