Santa Clarita Valley – Learn The Risk Billboard Campaign

GOAL: $4,000

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Please help bring Learn the risk billboards and bus boards — and MORE! — to the Santa Clarita Valley!

**Every dollar goes directly to the cause and donations are tax deductible if made directly on LTR website, see below**

More on the Learn the Risk campaign:

The United States gives more childhood vaccines than any other developed country, yet we have one of the sickest populations. Our rights are being whittled away by bought-off politicians and the pharmaceutical companies that profit off keeping us sick. Our health is being sold to highest bidder and political mandates are increasingly taking away our basic human rights.

We need A LOT MORE people to understand the VERY REAL risks of vaccines. Only then will they be motivated to protect their human rights. And what’s more fundamental than the human right to decide what goes into our bodies?!! Once the public is educated, we will start to gain better footing in the political and legal arenas.

The Learn the Risk campaign is being launched in California because it’s ground zero for mandatory vaccinations (with SB277 and SB792). We have to stop the increasingly discriminatory and fear-driven mindset that pharmaceutical companies have pushed heavily in California and beyond.

Eventually, we will expand the campaign into other mediums like YouTube ads, PSAs, newspaper/magazine ads, facebook ads and other things to get people’s attention.

Also, on the agenda is funding for local outreach events and at-cost Learn The Risk campaign materials for local volunteer groups to disperse at local events. The more money we raise, the quicker these plans will come together.

Please help us raise awareness with your donation!!

About us: the Learn the Risk team is a small, unpaid group of activists led by a former pharmaceutical insider. We are up against a billion dollar industry (pharma), which uses fear and misinformation to coerce the public into complying with an ever-increasing and aggressive CDC vaccination schedule, while also pushing mandatory vaccine laws that will quickly take away our medical rights.

JOIN US in standing up against Pharma, with TRUTH.

Your donation is very much appreciated! Please consider a MONTHLY donation to keep the bus and billboards up and running. Please help us continue to grow.

The website, billboards and Facebook page get tens of thousands of views weekly. This is how we can truly make a difference and raise awareness of vaccine risks.