“No Such Thing” Post-Its (50)


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Post-its are small, light and powerful!

Albert Einstein said it best: “Those who have the privilege to know, have a duty to act.” 

Here are four great reasons to pack these post-its in your purse (or bag):

  1. Disposable: they are small bits of paper we use temporarily to illustrate an idea and move on, which is why we believe they are the perfect tools for planting seeds.
  2. Versatile: you can stick them absolutely anywhere! They’re so small, but can still capture the attention of everyone!
  3. Force thought: they encourage everyone to rethink what they know about vaccines.
  4. Different: many people haven’t seen custom post-its before and this is intriguing and imprints in their memory.

Quantity: 50

*Please note: Processing time for orders is 7-10 days, excluding shipping. All orders are sent out priority mail via USPS.*

**For orders to the UK, Europe or Australia/NZ, please contact us for shipping prices.**


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