LTR “Doses” Postcards (100)


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Educate around the world using one of the most traditional, iconic ways to communicate globally – postcards.

They also make for great collectibles!

Our LTR ‘Doses’ postcard is so simple but so powerful. The number of vaccines for U.S. children has TRIPLED in the last 35 years. Children receive 72 vaccine doses before the age of 18 and how many people research those doses?

Quantity: One hundred (100)

Size: 4 inches by 6 inches (4×6″)

Colour: White

*Please note: Processing time for orders is 7-10 days, excluding shipping. All orders are sent out priority mail via USPS.*

**For orders to the UK, Europe or Australia/NZ, please contact us for shipping prices.**


  1. Lisa Klassen

    These are great! But would you have one with Canada’s info on it?

  2. LearnTheRisk

    Have a flyer with UK info, but nothing with Canada on it…yet! We will add it to the list 🙂

  3. Belinda L

    I wonder if you could clarify that dosage number to a time frame…like 72 doses in 2 years? 5 years? lifetime? I think it is 2 years, but that point would be so helpful. And even at 2 years, they would not be done yet…with flu shots every year, tDap for every pregnancy, etc etc
    If this information could be added, I will be purchasing these!!

  4. LearnTheRisk

    It is 72 doses from birth to age 18 in the US

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