“Doses & Diseases Declined” Flyers (100)


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One of the best ways to raise awareness is by posting or handing out flyers. You can post on community bulletins boards in your local area, hand out at farmers markets or other events, post around your house or office, etc.

Learn The Risk flyers state facts that are verifiable and science-based — important in this movement. Also, our flyers are professionally designed and printed in color on high-quality paper with engaging text and visuals that will capture the attention of any reader.

The ‘Doses and Diseases Declined’ flyer contains two important messages. The first message highlighting how many vaccines children now receive before the age of 18 — 4x as many as the 1980s. The second message illustrates how diseases declined well before vaccines were introduced with a powerful fact.

Children are receiving more and more vaccines that are known to have serious side effects, but are these vaccines even necessary?

Distribute these flyers so people can make a real educated decision.

Quantity: One hundred (100)

Size: 5.5 inches by 8.5 inches (5.5 x 8.5″)

*Please note: Processing time for orders is 7-10 days, excluding shipping. All orders are sent out priority mail via USPS.*

**For orders to the UK, Europe or Australia/NZ, please contact us for shipping prices.**


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