? The U.S. Government has paid out more than $4 BILLION to victims injured and killed by vaccines.

? There have been more than 600,000 reports of side effects and adverse health events after vaccines, including paralysis, asthma, heart attacks, organ failure, respiratory failure, ovarian failure, brain damage, seizures, MS, arthritis and even sudden death.

? These are huge numbers, but still much lower than the reality according to a Harvard study published in 2010.

? However, less than 20% of medical professionals even know the reporting system exists. So real adverse reactions numbers are far, far higher.

? The Harvard study states that fewer than 1% of all vaccine reactions are reported, the $4 billion is just the tip of the iceberg, click-here-for-the-full-report

? Using their estimate, more than 6 MILLION Americans have been harmed by vaccines. Imagine how much money this makes for the pharmaceutical industry. ?

Despite assurances from CDC and our Federal agencies that all vaccines are safe, the payouts and the reports say otherwise.

Vaccine reactions can and do happen—to previously healthy children and adults.

And everybody deserves to know the facts about the full range of vaccine risks!

? To see some of the personal stories of those whose lives have been damaged or taken away by vaccines, click here:

? To see a thousand studies showing the side effects and new heath issues that vaccines can and do cause, click here:

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