Theodore: Nearly Died After 8 Week Vaccines

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Last week, we nearly lost another beautiful baby boy, Theodore.

“He was a fit, healthy and incredibly happy baby.” according to his mother Jennifer.

Then, one afternoon in October, he went for his 8-week vaccines.

“The first vaccination he was given was the Rotavirus. Within 5 seconds of receiving this vaccine (drops on the tongue), he had stopped breathing.”

“He had to have oxygen, adrenaline and CPR, all at the doctor’s surgery. Once they had got him stable enough to be moved, he was then blue lighted to the hospital which is where we are currently staying.”

“We are awaiting test results to confirm whether this was an allergic reaction to the vaccine, or if he aspirated due to the drops on the tongue; either way nobody warned me this could even be a potential risk.”

“Today has been the worst day of my life.”

“Before today I literally laughed at ‘Anti Vaxers’. Branding them idiots and uneducated, even selfish.”

But now…

“Before any other vaccinations, I will be thoroughly researching ALL possible risks.”

Research, don’t regret:

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  • molly l

    Dear Mom of Theodore,

    Your baby is so beautiful!! pleeeaasse don’t give him any more shots! Thank G-D he was saved.
    You had a miracle!!
    I wish you a long healthy and happy life with your gorgeous son…
    Do the smart thing for him.. Stay away from this intentional genocide program (sorry for being so blunt)

  • Razz

    This doesn’t surprise me at all.
    AT ALL.

    In my family we recently lost a beloved family member. Just a short time after getting vaccinated!
    Then he changed, practically overnight. He stayed in his room, out of the sun. And within a few short weeks, he was dead – AND THE DOCTORS ARE ALL CONFLICTED ABOUT WHAT KILLED HIM!!

    As if they didn’t know! We couldn’t get a straight answer out of any of them. Their stories never agreed with each other, but we knew what killed him.

    Our family is devastated.
    He was a kind, gentle soul, always had time for the young girls around him. We used to joke that he was a real ladies man, except the company he kept were a lot younger than that!!
    His smile was so innocent and lovely. And he was a real touchy-feely type – he loved massages, two three times a day!

    But after the government got to him, he was a changed baby. And a few short weeks later he was dead.

    We will miss you Jeffrey .

  • MindLess

    I’m so sorry for your loss Razz. He was taken too soon. He was just about to start talking, then the government took that away from him!

  • Zoe

    Our son, interestingly, also named Geoffrey, just a different spelling. Had a reaction to the drops as well. Geoffrey passed out. Not too much later there was brain damage.
    Now we spend all day trying to make sure Geoffrey doesn’t bang into walls. We have duct taped a pillow, but that ket falling off.
    So we used a couple of spatulas along with foam rubber, again with duct tape. That seems to be working. To avoid the stickiness with Geoffrey’s now larger head, thanks to the brain damage, we used saran wrap first, that seems to do the trick. But what a horrible life we have. Luckily I am able to bring Geoffrey to work, but he keeps wandering into the hallways. So we made up a tunnel at work, kind of like a huge hamster tunnel, so people would not walk into poor Geoffrey. Had we known what terrible things would have happened to poor Geoffrey we would have skipped the vaccinations. You never know, or believe these things can happen to you, but then they just do. Thank God for websites like this. I am going to donate and make it at least an annual donation, if it doesn’t cut into the budget for duct tape and foam rubber. God bless you all. Do RESEARCH first!

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