Last week, we nearly lost another beautiful baby boy, Theodore.

“He was a fit, healthy and incredibly happy baby.” according to his mother Jennifer.

Then, one afternoon in October, he went for his 8-week vaccines.

“The first vaccination he was given was the Rotavirus. Within 5 seconds of receiving this vaccine (drops on the tongue), he had stopped breathing.”

“He had to have oxygen, adrenaline and CPR, all at the doctor’s surgery. Once they had got him stable enough to be moved, he was then blue lighted to the hospital which is where we are currently staying.”

“We are awaiting test results to confirm whether this was an allergic reaction to the vaccine, or if he aspirated due to the drops on the tongue; either way nobody warned me this could even be a potential risk.”

“Today has been the worst day of my life.”

“Before today I literally laughed at ‘Anti Vaxers’. Branding them idiots and uneducated, even selfish.”

But now…

“Before any other vaccinations, I will be thoroughly researching ALL possible risks.”

Research, don’t regret:

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