A huge THANK YOU to the Information Press for publishing our article on the detrimental effects of the passage of SB277 in California — it made the FRONT PAGE!! It’s such an important issue that many media outlets are afraid to cover so cheers to the Info Press for standing up for the truth. Please pick up or download a copy and feel free to share the article far and wide.

The State Capitol in Sacramento has been seeing red lately as thousands of concerned parents gathered in red to peacefully protest a new statewide law severely limiting school options for many California students. The bill, SB277, moved quickly through the legislative arena, helped by lobbyists from the health care industry. It requires all public and private school students to have 35 vaccines before being allowed to start in any school setting, including daycare and preschool.

SB277 also allows for the addition of any new Center for Disease Control-recommended vaccine — a blank check to mandate new vaccines in the future without any legislative or public review. The 2016 CDC schedule, published in February, will include 53 recommended vaccine doses. In comparison, in 1983 only 10 vaccines were recommended.

Many families affected by SB277 consider the bill to be a complete overreach of the government and question: “If we let the government decide what is medically ‘necessary’ for our children and the medical treatments they receive, instead of us as the parents, what comes next?” said Nancy Shaw of Templeton. “I know I am not willing to give up my parental rights over this issue — or any issue. There are definite risks with vaccines, some very serious, and we must keep our right to choose.”

SB277 would limit families who decline any or all vaccines to homeschool, even in cases of a child having had a previous bad reaction to a vaccine and/or a family history that signals a potential issue with one or more of the common vaccine ingredients, some of which are known toxins. Medical exemptions, the only exception to SB277, are notoriously difficult to get from doctors that are under pressure from health insurance companies to limit them, with some insurance companies not allowing their providers to write them at all.

Many people are surprised to learn that vaccine ingredients include aluminum, linked to breast cancer and neurological damage; formaldehyde, a known carcinogen banned for use in vaccines in the European Union; MSG; human and animal cells and DNA; and polysorbate 80 and 20, as well as antibiotics. Since vaccines are directly injected into the bloodstream, these toxins go directly to the brain, completely bypassing the body’s natural detox processes. And although vaccines have never been safety tested for toxicity or in combination with other vaccines, children are given an average of seven to nine vaccines per doctor visit, including the Hepatitis B vaccine within one day of birth.

The 2016 U.S. vaccine schedule will recommend 53 vaccine doses before age 6, which is two to three times the average number of vaccines given by most developed countries. At the same time, children in the U.S. have some of the highest rates of childhood disease and disabilities in the world — including SIDS deaths, autoimmune diseases, asthma, ADHD, speech and developmental issues, food allergies, neurological damage such as autism, leukemia and type-1 diabetes. An increasing amount of independent, non-pharmaceutical sponsored scientific research speaks to the link between the toxic vaccine ingredients and the rapid increase in childhood diseases and issues.

Many question why the U.S. is ramping up the vaccine schedule while other countries are recognizing vaccine injuries, suing vaccine makers for related injuries and deaths as well as pulling certain vaccines off recommended schedules until further safety testing is done. Japan has pulled the high-priced Gardasil vaccine from its schedule after a government inquiry into severe injuries and deaths linked to the vaccine, while France has suspended the rotavirus vaccine after infant deaths.

One difference in the U.S. is that vaccine makers have complete liability protection thanks to a federal law passed in 1989. This means that if a person is injured or killed by a vaccine, it is not possible to sure the maker — the only products in the U.S. with this kind of federal protection. This law completely destroys the checks and balances that the U.S. was founded upon.

Another issue with the U.S. vaccine system is the lack of gold-standard safety testing for vaccines, which means compared to regular pharmaceutical drugs, vaccines require less safety studies, less time to market and less money invested before being released on the U.S. market and given to our children.

For these reasons, vaccines have a higher profit margin than regular pharmaceutical drugs. With more than 300 vaccines under development and more than 100 mandatory vaccination bills sweeping across the U.S., it’s becoming clear that these new bills, like SB277, are more about profit than public health.

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