Popular Asthma Drug Linked to Suicide & Psychotic Events

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Did your doctor tell you that Singulair, a widely prescribed drug for seasonal allergies and asthma, is linked to suicide, suicidal thoughts, nightmares and other psychotic events in children?

And many experts say the drug is not as effective as the company that sells it claims.

Huge risk of serious side effects without much benefit?

Sounds like a typical business plan for the pharmaceutical industry….and industry that makes money off sickness, not health.

And what causes asthma in the first place? People are not born with it. It’s triggered, often during childhood, and strongly linked to vaccines by multiple scientific studies.

More here: www.LearnTheRisk.org/studies/#Asthma

Full article here: https://mobile.abc.net.au/news/2018-07-13/warning-for-asthma-drug-linked-to-psychotic-episodes-in-kids/9985594

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