Please watch this video and PRAY HARD for baby Alfie

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Please watch this video and PRAY HARD for baby Alfie who is fighting for his life right now up against a hospital that wants him dead.

Please share EVERYWHERE, especially on the FB, Twitter and IG feeds of all UK media, lawmakers, the Royal Family, hospitals, and anyway be you can think of. We are counting on you all to mount a united front to get this hospital to give Alfie oxygen and let Alfie leave to transfer to the Rome hospital.

Ask why does the hospital want him to stay so badly? What do they have to gain from keeping him? I go into details in the video, but possibilities included: organ donation and tissue harvesting, medical research trials, medical mistakes they are covering up, power and ego. One thing is sure: this is all about profit $$ and NOT about Alfie. This could be your child one day. Let’s expose this for what it is. Murder for $$$ Every single person in power in the U.K. And at this hospital has blood on their hands. How can they sleep at night?!! LET ALFIE LEAVE!

More details from original post and his father’s video from today: ALFIE UPDATE: PLEASE PRAY !! I am so devastated to report the latest update: the hospital removed Alfie from his ventilator at 9:00 PM London time, sources on the ground in Liverpool tell LifeSiteNews. He is breathing on his own for now. Parents Tom and Kate are now in their son’s room at Alder Hey hospital, spending what may be their last moments together. No update on if or when they plan to inject the lethal chemicals to end his life. THIS IS MEDICAL MURDER.

**NEW VIDEO FROM TODAY!! SHOWS ALFIE RESPONDING — GO TO the 7 minute mark to see Alfie move, blink and suck his pacifier while wide awake**… ———– Details and background on this story and possible reasons why the hospital has fought so hard to murder him:…

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