A Fox News station in Ohio reports on something every pet owner should know: that pets are getting sick and dying after vaccinations.

Thousands of people across the U.S. are claiming their pets are dying from vaccinations, according to a recent Fox45 news article. But of course, Veterinarians are saying vaccines are not to blame…

Expert knowledge

However, Dr. John Robb, a leading veterinarian from Connecticut, has blown the whistle on pet vaccinations that lead to dozens of health issues, including cancer, autoimmune issues, and even sudden death.

“These animals – they’re so sick. And they suffer so much. And we’re doing it to them for money. It doesn’t have to be that way.”

Vaccine injured pets

Mary Zalewski lost her dog, Bentley, last year. His health problems stemmed from when he received his vaccines years ago and they haven’t regressed since.

“He suddenly blew up. He gained 10 pounds. I’m like, ‘What’s happening?’ We didn’t change his food,” she said. “The fact that we kept having all these things kind of added on top of each other, so it was kind of like what… what else could it be?”

Right now, every single dog, regardless of weight or size, is getting the same dose of each vaccine.

“Does that make sense to you?” Zalewski said. “Because that little one’s gonna take a hit. They’re doing it repeatedly, blindly, every 3 years, and some every year. The dogs don’t have a chance.”

It’s disgusting how the pharmaceutical industry is sacrificing our beloved pets just to fill their pockets with more money.

These shots are not worth the risk. There are too many side effects and deaths, especially from the rabies shot.

Unfortunately, childhood vaccinations also cause an increase in health issues as well. Pet vaccines and childhood vaccines often contain the same toxic additives.

More on the harmful vaccine ingredients here: www.learntherisk.org/ingredients


However, many states have medical exemptions for your pets – www.rabieschallengefund.org/states-with-medical-exemptions


  • Go to a holistic vet and get titers done instead of the rabies vaccine
  • There is great info here on titers and Dr. Robb contact them by mail if your vet refuses: www.ProtectThePets.com
  • Homeoprophylaxis (sp) can often work as a substitute. Also, not ALL states actually require rabies or other vaccines… make sure you understand the laws rather than just assume what your vet or others tell you is true. Some pet owners who keep their pets at home/inside simply fly under the radar.
  • Don’t license your pet! To get a license you have to show proof of the rabies shot. Go to a holistic vet, they’re usually more willing to write an exemption for your pet.

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