Must-Watch Video: Pediatric Nurse Leaves Nursing After Seeing Hundreds of Vaccine Side Effects Firsthand

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A pediatric nurse explains the real issues with vaccines. A must-watch 6-minute video! Share with every parent you know — they deserve to hear the truth from someone who saw it from the inside. 

Galen was a pediatric nurse for 10 years and saw all the harm vaccines can cause within her period as a nurse.

She ended up leaving nursing as a result of vaccines.

Click the video below to find out what her “wake-up moment” was and more.

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  • Katie Esh

    THANK YOU! God BLESS you for your work!

  • Brittany Scherich

    I left my career as a registered nurse. I was told I had to give post surgical patients the flu shot before they went home. I hope more nurses will see the harm in vaccines and other medications that aren’t necessary.

    • Angélica Solomon

      What about vitamin K shot for newborns ?

      • Brandy Vaughan

        We have a whole page on Vitamin K filled with the info the doctor won’t bother to tell you. Like that it has a black box warning (the strongest drug warning required by the FDA) for infant death. New parents must do their research on this shot.

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