Yesterday was Mother’s Day…and also the 2nd anniversary of Nicholas Catone’s death from a DTAP shot he received two weeks prior.

In honor of his life, and in honor of his beautiful and inspiring mother Majorie, we launched our 10th billboard outside of Trenton, NJ on the largest freeway in the state. Most NJ lawmakers will pass this billboard on their way to the State Capitol.

ONE MILLION people will see this billboard while it’s up. This is how we change the conversation around vaccines and force people to see the very real dangers that are being covered up by doctors, pHARMa and the media.

Huge gratitude to those who supported the billboard campaign and give monthly support so we can continue to put up billboards, host events and booths, have a powerful web and social media presence and educate on vaccines — it’s the only thing that will change the conversation around vaccines.

Even more gratitude to Majorie and Nick for braving the negativity and being Nicholas’ voice here on Earth. He’s a true hero whose sacrifice will save thousands of other children.

Nicholas died in his sleep on May 12th, 2017, just days after his routine vaccinations. He was a perfectly healthy 20-month-old boy, but the autopsy report lists his manner of death as “natural”.

“It is NOT natural for a healthy, thriving toddler to die. And then they refuse to acknowledge vaccine reactions and claim ‘Sudden Unexplained Death’?” – Nick, Nicholas’ father and a former MMA fighter.

23,000 US babies die every year before their first birthday — far higher than other developed countries with fewer vaccines. Research shows that vaccines can be fatal for some children as the toxic levels of vaccine additives (like aluminum, mercury, formaldehyde and polysorbate 80) accumulate and cause brain inflammation (aka encephalitis). This brain swelling can impair breath regulation in some babies causing sleep apnea and death.

Brandy Vaughan, founder of Learn The Risk, went live on Facebook to reveal the billboard

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