Watch Brandy’s live video about Learn The Risk making the news TWICE in the last week!

Thank you to the on-the-ground warriors that made both stories possible by educating people on the real dangers of vaccines!

We are changing the conversation about vaccines! And hopefully this will inspire you to get into action! Click here for lots of ideas on how to get involved:


The first story was KCEN TV in Texas reporting on LTR flyers (free downloads on website) in halloween candy bags!









Some BRAVE warriors were passing out Learn The Risk flyers in the parking lot of their local flu shot clinic (which was giving away free shots…!!) to people in line to get their flu shots! Click here for the flyers:


They told people to think twice before you get that flu shot! Do you really know what is in that needle?

This is AMAZING! Let this inspire us to be BOLD and BRAVE and PROUD, we are SAVING peoples health and possibly their lives! Huge shout out to Gunn, LeeAnn and Shannon!

And, hey, we couldn’t have paid for better advertising! One article included multiple quotes from Brandy Vaughan (founder of Learn The Risk). And the other a partial list of vaccine ingredients.

And, last but not least, THANK YOU to all of YOU, our WONDERFUL supporters!

Learn The Risk is one of the most ACTIVE and CREDIBLE non-profit organizations in the movement — focused on providing the TRUTH about vaccines, not just begging for a choice. But we need YOUR help to keep the campaign going.

Donations have slowed down lately, so if you value REAL ACTION and SUCCESS, please sign up for a monthly donation so LTR can continue to educate, empower and inspire!

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