In what should’ve been her 2nd birthday, Learn The Risk surprised Aviana’s mother with a billboard, honoring her too-short life.

It was put up in her home-town, only a few blocks away from her grave.

Aviana Woods: January 24th, 2017 – May 25th, 2017

Aviana Woods was a happy, healthy baby. Then her mother took her in for her routine 4-month vaccinations and Aviana’s world changed. The doctor commented on how healthy Aviana was, then gave her 8 doses of vaccines. 12 hours later, Aviana died in her sleep — not from suffocation or any bed-related reasons, but from an acute inflammatory reaction from the vaccines. A reaction that is so common, it’s listed as a potential side effect of the vaccines Aviana was given.

Her mother Taylor, a board-certified nurse, is left struggling to understand how this could happen to her child when she was always taught in nursing school that vaccines are “safe” and “effective.” Yet, in reality, they’re neither. Taylor now works to educate other parents so they understand the real risks of vaccines, with the hope that this will save other children.

23,000 US babies die every year before their first birthday — far higher than other developed countries with fewer vaccines. Research shows that vaccines can be fatal for some children as the toxic levels of vaccine additives (like aluminum, mercury, formaldehyde and polysorbate 80) accumulate and cause brain inflammation (aka encephalitis). This brain swelling can impair breath regulation in some babies causing sleep apnea and death.

Click here for Aviana’s full story.


SURPRISE BILLBOARD TO HONOR BABY AVIANA WHO DIED JUST 12 HOURS AFTER RECEIVING VACCINESHAPPY BIRTHDAY AVIANA! Baby Aviana was a healthy and happy baby until she received her four-month vaccinations. 12 hours after, she was dead. Today is her two year birthday. We surprised her mother with a billboard honoring her life. Here's Aviana's story! Please share in honor of her memory. #TruthForAviana #HealthFreedomIowa #SIDs #ProtectOurChildren #VaccineVictim

Posted by Brandy Vaughan on Thursday, January 24, 2019

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