Shane Morgan of Las Vegas was perfectly healthy before getting a fateful flu shot at CVS that paralyzed him within days. He couldn’t speak, walk, or breath on his own.

Shane was diagnosed with Guillain-Barre Syndrome, otherwise known as GBS, which paralyzed him, blinded him and almost cost him his life. It’s a rare disorder where a person’s immune system damages their nerve cells, in some cases turning deadly.

On Nov. 2, he said he and his wife got their flu shots. The next day, Morgan said he felt like he came down with a bad cold. But things quickly got worse and led to a coma and three weeks in the ICU.

Shane Morgan went from perfectly healthy to unable to speak, walk, or breathe on his own.

Did CVS warn of this side effect that’s NOT nearly as rare as the company claims? Nope! Are CVS executives sending support to the hospital or even flowers? Nope.

This man was just a customer to them. They only cared about getting paid for giving the vaccine.

But he is also a father, a son, a husband and the main support for his family. CVS and the pharmaceutical company are nowhere to be found when his wife struggles to feed their children now.

Now just think of how much $$$ MONEY $$$ is being made by the hospital and pharmaceutical industry off his vaccine-induced illness.

Don’t be their best customer. Save your health and say “NO!”

To help Shane and his family get through this, donate here:

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Flu shot victims

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