Celebrating 2 years of success…help us celebrate by sharing and getting involved…TOGETHER WE ARE CHANGING THE WORLD!

Look at the AMAZING things we have achieved in ONLY TWO YEARS — check out our infographic for our success by the numbers!

Learn The Risk has become the most ACTIVE organisation in the movement, reaching MILLIONS GLOBALLY. We are changing the conversation around vaccine and SAVING LIVES!!

— 25 MILLION people reached through 28 BILLBOARDS
— More than 9,200 members in the Learn The Risk facebook group
— More than 56,000 follows on facebook
— More than 10 MILLION people reached through facebook…and ONE MILLION each month
— Referenced in dozens of media articles (even on TV a few times!)

And we have even BIGGER plans for the coming year…stay tuned & get involved!

So much gratitude for all that have made this possible — it’s a team effort!

Thank you for being a part of this journey.

#LearnTheRisk #Birthday #Educated #Empowered

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