On Tuesday, March 5th, an 18 year-old “broke high schooler” named Ethan Lindenberger, with no science background, no expertise in vaccines and no real knowledge of, well, anything, “educated” your Senators on risky medical procedures, America.

Yet world-renowned experts in chemical toxicity, Harvard-trained immunologists and expert doctors were NOT allowed to speak.

Hundreds of concerned American citizens were kept out of the hearing, lining the hallway and filling overflow rooms. Yet their voices were silenced and the only people allowed to speak were those selected by the pharmaceutical industry lobbyists.

The hearing was a complete disgrace to the American system as Senators clearly put corporate interests ahead of public health.

Brandy Vaughan, Former Merck insider and Learn The Risk Founder was blocked from entering the hallway where the hearing was taking place. The media was there covering the hearing yet when she tried to speak with them, she was stopped by two police officers who refused to let her pass. They stated that only staff and their “guests” (aka lobbyists) were allowed in the area.

Are you happy with this? Oh, and here’s the kicker: even though Ethan was invited to speak and expenses paid for by tax dollars, he still raised thousands of dollars to come to D.C (refer to images below).

Teenager Ethan asking for money to cover his expenses for the event.

Ethan’s brother Isaac stating that Ethan’s expenses were completely paid for by U.S. tax dollars

It’s clear: American just got played by the pharmaceutical industry and an 18yo boy. Our country has become a bad joke.

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