Dr. Stephanie Christner D.O., was pro-vaccine until her baby, Victoria, died of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) following her routine childhood vaccinations. See her story in the video below.

Although her other children were vaccinated, Stephanie watched her healthy baby daughter Victoria deteriorate directly after her vaccinations and knew it was related. Victoria’s death spurred Stephanie to begin to research vaccines and literally read “everything that was put out there.”

Although Stephanie spent years in medical school, she was shocked at what she found out about vaccines, a subject barely covered in school.

“There has been information out there since the smallpox vaccine was created, linking vaccination to encephalitis, which is brain inflammation. This can lead to death or permanent neurological disability,” says Stephanie.

However, what shocked Stephanie even more was that the “placebo” used in vaccine trials was not actually a placebo at all. This is extremely uncommon in the medical world, yet vaccine makers can do this because vaccines are classified as a “biologic” and not a pharmaceutical drug. Biologics have different testing requirements.

“The placebo in a vaccine trial can actually be the aluminum, mercury or another vaccine. not saline,” she says.

The pediatrician who injected the vaccines into Victoria, as usual, denied any responsibility and even told Stephanie to suspect the babysitter of homicide!

After Victoria’s death, Stephanie became more integrative and holistic in her approach to health and helps patients in her practice to heal and detox. Her research on vaccines hasn’t stopped.

“The science is out there, people are just choosing not to look at it,” she explains.

Ready to learn more? Start your vaccine research here.

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