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Tammy Parry, a family doctor from Montana, was FORCED into getting the flu shot and now, she has MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS!

Tammy Parry, was ready to care for the 1,621 patients she nurtures and adores…

Until she was forced into getting the flu shot. Because as a doctor, it’s “required”.

Tammy reluctantly agreed.

The moment Tammy was jabbed with the flu shot, she immediately felt different. Within 20 minutes, Tammy had facial swelling, laryngeal edema and pulmonary obstruction. She continued to feel strange neurological symptoms as time progressed.

Two weeks later, the neurological symptoms had not regressed and Tammy felt her obstruction in her airways.

Tammy could no longer cope with the pain and swelling that the vaccine had caused and searched for answers. Only until she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.

Now, Tammy is posting her adverse reaction with the flu shot all over Twitter.

The CDC has not only ruined Tammy’s career, but they have also ruined Tammy’s life. They have ruined the lives of the 1,621 patients she loves and cares for.

She was forced against her will to receive the flu shot and now she is paying with her life.

Tammy has now joined the fight, to spread the knowledge about one of the most dangerous vaccines on the market – the flu shot.

Click here to read more studies proving that the flu shot is causing adverse reactions, injuries and even death.

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  • Alexis Keiser

    This is one of the most profound truths I’ve finally realized about vaccines. It is just as Jesus said, “Those who live by the sword, die by the sword.” If you make your living by enforcing vaccine mandates, PLEASE be aware that the totalitarianism you live by could, tragically become the totalitarianism you die by. I don’t think there is a more patient and forgiving group of people in the world than the parents of the vaccine injured. The greatest tragedy would be if the lessons learned by becoming vaccine injured or seeing our children get injured are missed by those who are still at risk because they are still getting or giving vaccines. I hope Dr. Parry is able to find healing and I am so thankful she’s sharing her story. It will help save lives!

  • Patty Liguori

    Please pass this comment on to Dr. Tammy Parry. There may be a connection between DNA mutations C6777T/A1298C and adverse reactions to the aluminum, mercury & other adjuvants in the common vaccines. Flu vaccine still uses mercury and the others have aluminum. Anyone can take a cheek swab test to find out about these MTHFR mutations. Google MTHFR to see how this can affect you depending on your results. Changing your diet can help this methylation process in the body. Detox is critical to reduce the chemicals in the body because these poisons are not eliminated properly with these mutations. Don’t wait!

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