Ontario Nurses’ Association in Canada Wins Second Decision on “Unreasonable and Illogical” Vaccinate or Mask Influenza Policies

Court says hospitals can’t force masks on nurses who refuse the flu shot 

The Ontario Nurses’ Association (ONA) has won a second decision on the controversial vaccinate or mask (VOM) policy. These policies force nurses and other health-care workers to wear an unfitted surgical mask for the entirety of their shift if they choose not to receive the influenza vaccine.

Vaccinate or Mask (VOM) policy is “illogical and makes no sense” and “is the exact opposite of being reasonable”

Arbitrator of Toronto Academic Health Science Network (TAHSN) William Kaplan found that St. Michael’s VOM policy is “illogical and makes no sense” and “is the exact opposite of being reasonable.” In reaching this conclusion, Arbitrator Kaplan rejected the hospital’s evidence.

This is the second such win for ONA. In 2015, Arbitrator James Hayes found there was “scant evidence” that forcing nurses to use masks reduced the transmission of influenza to patients.

The VOM policies are fundamentally flawed and a waste of taxpayers’ money 

“The priority of nurses across Ontario is first and foremost the safety of our patients, but these hospital policies do not protect patients,” said ONA President Vicki McKenna, RN. “ONA has already successfully argued against VOM policies, proving they are fundamentally flawed.

Toronto infection control expert Dr. Michael Gardam, Quebec epidemiologist Dr. Gaston De Serres, and Dr. Lisa Brosseau, an American expert on masks, testified that there was insufficient evidence to support the St. Michael’s policy and no evidence that forcing healthy nurses to wear masks during the influenza season did anything to prevent transmission of influenza in hospitals.

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Flu vaccination: Toronto hospitals cannot implement staff “vaccinate or mask” policy, says ruling. British Medical Journal 

A group of hospitals in Toronto, Canada, must abandon a policy of forcing healthcare workers to wear surgical masks during the flu season if they have not received the vaccine, an arbitrator has ruled.

A judge on Friday morning halted enforcement of a New York State directive requiring that all health care workers be vaccinated for the seasonal flu and swine flu.

The temporary restraining order by the judge, Thomas J. McNamara, an acting justice of the State Supreme Court in Albany, comes amid a growing debate about the flu vaccine.

A Warren County nurse was unfairly denied unemployment benefits after she was fired for refusing a flu shot without claiming a religious or medical exemption, a New Jersey appeals court ruled today.

The three-judge panel wrote that the hospital’s policy of allowing religious or medical exemptions to the flu shot requirement “unconstitutionally discriminated against” plaintiff June Valent by rejecting her refusal to be vaccinated for secular reasons.

The Massachusetts Nurses Association is again suing Brigham and Women’s Hospital to try to block a policy that requires employees to receive flu vaccines.

The union, which represents 3,400 nurses at the Brigham, says the rule unfairly and unlawfully punishes nurses who don’t want to get a flu shot for other reasons. The union filed suit in Suffolk Superior Court last week, asking a judge to stop the policy.

David Schildmeier, a spokesman for the union, said nurses — not their employer — should have the right to decide what goes into their bodies. He also said, “Nurses shouldn’t be required to get a vaccine supported by ‘inconclusive’ scientific evidence. Some Brigham nurses have had reactions to the vaccine and shouldn’t have to get it again.”

It’s no fun getting the flu…but is it worth the health risks involved with getting the shot?

There are very real side effects of the flu shot, that the pharmacy won’t tell you about. And the reactions and subsequent health issues are not rare. Vaccines are a long-term investment for pharmaceutical companies because they will eventually lead to health problems.

The flu shot is one of the most dangerous vaccines on the market, linked to sudden death, stroke, paralysis and more.

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