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E. coli is dangerous in lettuce, but safe to inject into children? CDC misses big on this one. 

After 43 people get sick E. coli in romaine lettuce and everyone freaks out, including the U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC), which recalled all romaine lettuce from California.  At the same time, the CDC pushes vaccines for children, some of which include… E. coli

The CDC is advising that U.S. consumers not to eat and retailers and restaurants not to serve or sell any romaine lettuce harvested from the growing regions of northern and central California.

“If you do not know where the romaine lettuce is from, do not eat it,” states the CDC.

During this current outbreak, 43 people across 12 states have been reported illness, according to ABC News. Sixteen were hospitalized, including one person, who developed kidney failure from the hemolytic uremic syndrome. There are also reports that infections from this same E. coli outbreak have reached Canada, according to the CDC.

The bacteria on the lettuce is E. coli, which is similar to a strain connected to an outbreak in the U.S. this past May, according to the CDC. E. coli bacteria produces Shiga toxin, which can be deadly to humans.

Although it can be deadly and could pose a threat to the human health, romaine lettuce is ingested, so it has a high chance of being removed by the bodies detox pathways.

However, E. coli is also a vaccine ingredient. Anything injected into the body is ever more dangerous than anything eaten (like lettuce). Why? Because injected materials bypass all the body’s detox pathway, which makes it extremely more potent.

So why all the hysteria about romaine lettuce and then NOTHING about vaccines?!! Could it because the CDC owns vaccines patents?

The CDC wants you to be scared of E. coli in romaine lettuce, but when it comes to vaccines, they want you to inject E. coli straight into your body…but the choice is yours.

Research, don’t regret. More information on vaccine ingredients here.

The CDC lists E. coli as a vaccine ingredient

Click here to see all the vaccine ingredients

Yet, the CDC recalls lettuce when it contains e-coli

Click here to read the full article

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  • Al McKnight

    Brandy, you are one of my heroes. You are so right on! When will the American people wake up to the scam and scandal of vaccines and sentence the pro-vaccine zealots to lengthy prison terms for crimes against humanity?

  • Toby

    I read through the linked CDC list of excipient ingredients and didn’t see e. coli listed for any of those vaccines. Which vaccine(s) are claimed to include e. coli?

    • Brandy Vaughan

      E.Coli is still in multiple vaccines. The CDC just changed the name to CM197 make it less visible.
      The CM 197 carrier protein is E.Coli based in most formulations. 

      Here’s the description from Wikipedia:
      “Three companies have succeeded at manufacturing CRM197 as a recombinant protein. Pfenex, a San Diego-based developer of biosimilar therapeutics,[7] produces the protein in India at Serum Institute of India Pune using Pseudomonas fluorescens and various proprietary expression technologies for high yield. Fina BioSolutions LLC of Rockville, Maryland has achieved multi-gram/L expression of CRM197 in E. coli (“EcoCRMTM”) as an intracellular, properly folded soluble protein. Fina Biosolutions currently provides the protein for pre-clinical use. Recombinant CRM197 is also made in low-mutation Clean Genome® E. coli by Scarab Genomics LLC where transport of CRM197 into the bacterial cell periplasm enhances its stability and proper folding.”

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