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It’s a shameful day in Kansas City as vandals deface a Learn The Risk billboard featuring Nicholas Catone, a 20-month old little boy who died after his routine childhood vaccinations.

As with all pharmaceutical products, vaccines carry risks that include death, paralysis, autoimmune issues and more — as shown on vaccine product inserts.
Parents deserve all of the information so they can make educated choices, but doctors don’t discuss these known risks.

So after baby Nicholas died, his parents have fought to honor his life by raising awareness of vaccine risks — something his nurse mother Majorie was never taught in nursing school.

Teaming up with the non-profit Learn The Risk, the Catones felt a sense of justice with the launch of a five-city billboard campaign with little Nicholas’ face in the hopes of saving other children the same fate.

Yet this dream was met with a backlash from those whose profits depend on people not knowing the real risks, including the industry that makes huge profits off the myth that vaccines are 100% safe.

“I believe parents should be given the full information about all pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines so they can make educated choices for their families,” said Vaughan, executive director of Learn The Risk and former pharmaceutical insider.

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