Professor Chris Exley rocks the science world once again with a new study linking aluminium and autism, confirming the stories of thousands of parents who are adamant their children developed autism directly following vaccines. Aluminum is one of the major toxins in vaccines.

Aluminum has already been linked to Alzheimer’s, another degenerative neurological disorder, which is now being seen in younger and younger people (termed early-onset Alzheimer’s). Could vaccines be at least partly responsible for the huge increase in brain and developmental disorders now seen in all generations?

The new eye-opening study by Exley, a professor in Bioinorganic Chemistry at Keele University, shows elevated aluminium levels in brain tissue in those with autism.

‘In a breakthrough study, shockingly high levels of aluminium have been found in the brains of autistic people, and aluminium in vaccines is implicated as having a part in the mechanism that causes autism.’

Read the study here:…/article/pii/S0946672X17308763

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