Aluminum (a known neurological-toxin), in the form of compounds, is added to many vaccines to help stimulate an immune response to the disease pathogens in these vaccines, because the pathogens do not cause enough inflammation on their own to raise antibodies.

The problem is that the aluminum also stimulates an immune response to everything else in the injection site reservoir, including to animal and food proteins in the vaccine, and also to any fragments of the person’s skin, muscle and blood that may have entered from damage by the needle.

Thus there can be an immune response to all of these – this is thought to be a factor in the epidemic of immune system problems, such as asthma, allergies, eczema and autoimmune diseases. Aluminum in vaccines is also thought to be a factor in neurological problems, due to it accumulating in the brain over time.

Ever wonder about the huge rise in Alzheimer’s and dementia-related conditions, especially as early onset cases skyrocket? They are neurological conditions linked to environmental toxins in our environment — aka the load of chemicals we subject ourselves to everyday. Chemicals that are in our food, our bodycare products, our water, our air…and our vaccines.

Aluminum has been proven to cause brain damage…

Aluminum is the main toxic additive put into vaccines to illicit an immune response. It is PROVEN to cause brain damage in even the tiniest dose AND it accumulates in our brains so further chemical exposure does even MORE damage. Aluminum is also linked to breast cancer, neurological issues, autoimmune issues like lupus and IBS, sudden infant death and autism, among many many others!

We are all damaged every time we get a vaccine, it’s just how much and how it will express itself — via memory issues, autoimmune issues, allergies, skin issues like eczema, cancer…or Alzheimer’s.


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