In 2019, Learn The Risk has continued to be a force for real action in educating people to RETHINK pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines. Already in the first eight months of the year, Learn The Risk has made huge strides reflected in the numbers below.

Thank you for all your support and donations that have made these actions a reality!

We’ve accomplished this despite multiple challenges, including:

– MailChimp closing our account and refused to return our 15,000+ email list or the three years of content that took thousands of hours to produce. The newsletter was our main source of donations

–  Facebook and Instagram severely censoring our content and our ability to reach people with events, campaigns and information

– YouTube began censoring our videos so they are no longer shown automatically or in the trend lists…

And because of all this, unfortunately, donations have dropped off dramatically.

Please help us continue our work today so these numbers can continue to increase:

Learn The Risk has put up…

  • Nine different billboards throughout the U.S.

  • Locations include: Oakland, San Francisco, Kansas, New Jersey, Phoenix, Iowa and San Diego.

  • All billboards contained different facts and stories on the harm of vaccines

  • More than 15 million people have already been reached by Learn The Risk’s billboards in 2019

Learn The Risk has hosted or attended…

  • Seventeen different talks, events and rallies all over the world, including the United States, Mexico and Canada.

  • Locations include: Anarchapulco (Mexico), California, Phoenix, Toronto (Canada), Washington D.C. and Illinois.

  • We have educated over 5 million people worldwide on the harm of pharmacetuical drugs & vaccines, how to stay healthy in a toxic world, fighting government mandates and more

Learn The Risk has published…

  • Nineteen personal stories and blogs showing adverse reactions from vaccines

  • More than 20 research news articles relevant to the pharmaceutical industry

  • Twelve new pages on various topics to help educate you

  • Ten videos including many of Brandy’s talks

Learn The Risk has reached…

  • More than 250,000 people to the website through our social media channels

  • More than 175,000 people visited the website through Google and various other search engines

  • More than 110,000 people visited the website directly (by placing in their search bar)

  • More than 45,000 people visited the website through unidentified sources (such as emails, referal pages and more)

Learn The Risk has created and referenced…

  • Thirteen different pages containing studies covering various different topics (e.g. Aluminium studies, Hepatitis B studies etc)

  • Overall, we referenced 89 studies revealing the link between pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines to adverse reactions, in addition to our studies section that hosts 1,000+ studies

Learn The Risk has influenced…

  • More than 11,000 new Facebook followers, as well as 15,000+ new Instagram followers and 1,500+ new Twitter followers

  • We have created 250+ new Facebook posts that were shared across Twitter & Instagram as well

  • We have reached over 2 million people across all platforms

Please consider a monthly donation to help us continue educating the world:

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