Alopecia Areata After Vaccination: Recurrence with Rechallenge.

“Alopecia areata (AA) is the most common form of hair loss in children. We report the case of a child who had two episodes of AA after two different vaccines with complete hair regrowth between the episodes. This case supports the concept that vaccination might be a trigger for the development of AA in genetically predisposed children.” Pediatric Dermatology 2016

Hair loss after routine immunizations

“A total of 60 evaluable reports submitted since 1984 and coded for “alopecia” after immunizations included 16 with positive rechallenge (hair loss after vaccination on more than 1 occasion), 4 of which were definite and 12 possible or probable. Of the 60 cases, 46 had received hepatitis B vaccines. Both of the currently available recombinant products, as well as the former plasma-derived product, were represented. Females predominated in all age groups. The majority of patients recovered, but clinical features, such as intervals from vaccination until onset and the extent and reversibility of hair loss, varied widely. Nine patients reported previous medication allergy.” JAMA 1997

Recombinant Human Hepatitis B Vaccine Initiating Alopecia Areata: Testing the Hypothesis Using the C3H/HeJ Mouse Model

“Untoward effects of human vaccines suggest that recombinant hepatitis B vaccine may induce alopecia areata (AA) in some patients. “
Veterinary Dermatology 2009

Severe Autoimmune Adverse Events Post Herpes Zoster Vaccine: A Case-Control Study of Adverse Events in a National Database.

“Our study showed no significantly increased risks of severe autoimmune adverse events, except arthritis and alopecia, after vaccination.” Journal of drugs in dermatology 2015

Telogen effluvium following bivalent human papillomavirus vaccine administration: a report of two cases.

“We describe two cases of telogen effluvium occurring in two 11-year-old children following bivalent human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine administration. The two children began to lose their hair following the second HPV vaccine dose.” Dermatology 2012

Alopecia universalis in an adult after routine tetanus toxoid vaccine

No abstract available Journal of Clinical Medicine 2011

Acute-onset madarosis following MMR vaccination

No abstract available Journal of Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus 2009