GMOs & Vaccines

More and more people are realizing that genetically modified organisms (GMOs) can wreak havoc on your health. But as people go great lengths to avoid GM foods and food additives, many people are unaware that GM vaccines are already in use and have been administered to American babies, children and adults for many years.

Among them:

Hepatitis B vaccine: An inactivated recombinant DNA vaccine licensed for newborn infants and children in 1991, in which parts of the hepatitis B virus gene are cloned into yeast. In fact, genetically modified yeast is listed as a Hepatitis B vaccine ingredient on the ingredients list available on the CDC website.

Rotavirus vaccines: Live-attenuated vaccines first licensed for infants and children licensed in 2006, which either contain genetically engineered human rotavirus strains or human-bovine hybridized reassortment rotavirus strains.

HPV vaccine (Gardasil): A recombinant vaccine licensed in 2006, which is prepared from virus-like particles (VLP’s) and may also include use of an insect-cell Baculovirus expression vector system for production.

Round Up Ready Vaccines?

Recent reports also show that the toxic pesticide Round Up (aka glyphosate) is also in vaccines — in tiny amounts that could do serious harm to your health. Since the FDA doesn’t test for or disclose contaminants in vaccines, while sole relying on information presented by the vaccine manufacturer, the public truly has no idea what other toxic chemicals could be inside the needle.

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Vaccines also contain toxic synthetic chemicals that should never be injected, more information here.

Dr Stephanie Seneff, Senior Researcher at the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology, explains the danger of glyphosate contamination in vaccines.

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